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It all started in my work environment, when I realized that my computer did not have a good air circulation because of the cabinets on the sides, that made it get high temperatures, so using a little creativity and materials in hand. I made this simple but very useful adaptation, which greatly improved the circulation of air, and I even gained space to store some small objects.

Step 1: Platform

I made an adaptation to my desk using low cost material and recycling.

I started using strips of wood in the measurements of 1.5mm x 4mm x 50cm and a board of 1.5mm x 25cm x 76cm to make a raised platform on the table as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Initial Cuttings

Then I began to cut Paper known in Brazil as Papel Panam√°, its thickness is 4mm.

Step 3: Cooler

I prepared a Base of 20cm x 50cm and Centralized a Base of 20cm x 11cm in the Vertical with 7cm of the bottom and centralized. In this Vertical Base, I drilled and installed a Cooler from a computer that I dismounted to pick up parts and connected a Plug to connect the power from the Source that will turn on the Cooler.

Step 4: Lighting

I used a cabinet luminaire, because it will work on 3 AAA batteries, this way, even with a lack of electricity, I could use it, I just connected it to a switch and made the construction of its casing also in Panama paper, To better access it in case of maintenance, I made the installation using bolts and nuts.

Step 5: Energy

To Turn on the Cooler 12v dc, I used an old cellphone source.

Step 6: Test

In the next picture, you can see that in the test it worked perfectly.

Step 7: Bottom

Then I made another Base, this time with a 20cm x 13cm cutout centered forward, and I installed the Side and Bottom using the height of the Vertical Base of the Cooler.

Step 8: Installing Cooler

The Base of the Cooler, I ended up doing Removable Way to Facilitate a Probable Cleaning or Maintenance.

Step 9: Low Boost

I then made reinforcement throughout the Base using strips of 1cm, and using Geometric shapes in order to have a better result.

Step 10: Reinforcement

I did reinforcement in the Base of Top too, and I took the opportunity to make two Cross bars in order to facilitate the installation.

Step 11: Painting

I used a Silver Paint Spray to give a semi-matte finish, then installed a railing in front of the Cooler and drilled several holes in the bottom so the air circulates down.

Step 12: Finally Done

I managed to make a good improvement in the air circulation, because the table is between cabinets, and the air did not circulate very well. In the Image you can see the completed work.



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    Nice DIY desk. I made this a lot in college because I had to move every year and I had to make a new desk setup each time.