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Introduction: Table Up/down/spin/move

Hi everyone

Ok My mate keeps asking me for a coffee table and asking and asking and this is what i made him ,he has a small granny flat so had to be small. Be aware this is my first INSTRUCTABLE some things i have missed out but its a basic project , also i had every thing in my shed . this table does what a desk chair does buts it is a table.

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Step 1: Lets Start

First the scrounge of materials

1. A top , i had a old bit of cedar about 24mm thick 800mm long 400mm wide ,had it for at least 4 years time to use it, anything between min (300mm x 500mm ) to max (500mm x 900mm) would suit ok depending on what top u use , a square or round top would work as well your choice

2. Legs (a old desk chair) that's right crap old chair found anywhere , if ya cant find any on road side go to dump, but try not to spend anything on this item as they considered rubbish , check it spins goes up and down and the wheels work , it normally the seat that dies in these chairs first and the rest still good .

3. Washers and Coach Screws

4. oil/paint/vanish your choice

Step 2: TOOLS

with all tools get training before use danger danger no one want to be on the 5 o'clock news

can you see my finger ?

i needed

belt sander 2 belts coarse and fine

palm sander

cork sanding block

drill with 4 mm

jig saw

this other tool

socket set / spanner

wd40 (i consider this as a tool)

bolt cutters / grinder

hammer (ya always need a hammer always)

2 cigarettes

screw driver


air compressor/fan

paint brush

some tool

common sense

Step 3: Start Already

Grab ya top and pick the best side, i clamped mine with a quick grip clamp they not very strong but stops it moving. With belt sander cable over my shoulder (so not to run over cable) i get to work on the coarse belt it rips into it(cedar being soft ) so i knock it down to mostly solid timber. (air blower get rid off dust). I then cut the rest of bad timber with a jig saw ( lead over my shoulder). do a hit with sander again blow dust sand blow sand blow and so on.

Now this is up to you how much you like sanding so get it to where You like, and ya top might not even be timber,but in my case yes so sand blow sand blow and i say she will be right

Step 4: Legs

Grab the old chair and strip it, so ya just got the stand, my nut was rusty, so plastic handle broke, sprayed with wd40 gave it a wipe down and took nut off with spanner, it was cleanish went up/down wheels clean of old hair and crap ready to go

Step 5: Starting to Look Like Something

wack the top on the cleaned wheel leg stand up and down thing, notice it ain't level that's because it was a flipping chair, i packed it up with these square washers until it was kinda level

Step 6: Attach and Secure

The base has 6 holes you may only have 4 ya only need 4 , so i get 6 coach screws, with washers i get it all stable on the work bench up side down , I check my screw length and then drill a pilot hole ,check screw length insert it half tight , then re position if need to, next long screw, as it packed on a angle you need different length screws i cut the rest with bolt cutters. put the rest of the screws in (don't drill thru bench ya don't wanna stuff it up here best ya check the screw length 3 times)!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: More Sanding and Vanish

That's enough sanding i say and blow the dust away, always blowing dust away always

Grab some vanish clear stuff and give it a coat meh i should have sanded it more lucky it not for me , i leave it over night and give it 2 more coats next daY.

I then grab the laptop and test it out by doing this my first instructable on it, meh i might keep this table i like it


Disclaimer This is a LIENNIK project.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago


    btw, GREAT JOB on the instructable! Interesting, informative, light-hearted, practical!

    Two thumbs up!


    3 years ago

    this is a great idea, nowadays I love furniture on castors and easy to move, especially if my arthritis is acting up, so easy to move around without causing me pain! good job!


    3 years ago

    You got the level part right, most guys miss it. Chairs should have a little back pitch to them so you don't feel like you're about to slide out when sitting, usually it's about 3- 5 degrees, so washers will fix that. I like to salvage gas springs for the tube & rod stock, cutting them open with a grinder and mind, even a failed spring holds a full gas charge. I just made a stock cart out of a base with the center tube cut down and scrap metal welded to it for attaching a scrap plywood top. Works very well for that, just kick it out of the way.


    3 years ago

    Clever!! I like the chair base for the table!