Table Soccer Game With Bottle Caps

Introduction: Table Soccer Game With Bottle Caps

About: I'm a guy from Hungary. Musician, amateur astronomer, DIY-fan, airplane-fan, etc. My hobbies are important for me. In my home country the DIY-concept is an old tradition, so I became a fan in my early years.

In our school, where I teach our very special handicapped children, we often play this game. Even they are able to make the components (sometimes with a small adult collaboration), and after a some minutes work everybody can play almost everywhere in the world, where a flat table or floor can be found.

What you need for this game is the following:

Materials: an old cardboard box, or simply some cardboard, some adhesive tape, plastic bottle caps (2 of larger diameter and some of the normal size, different colors)

Tools: a pencil for markings on the cardboard, a pair of scissors, or a DIY-knife to cut, a ruler to fold the cardboard, and you will need a table, a smooth surface floor, or any other surface where a bottle cap can slip.

Step 1: The Goals, Ball and Players

The goals
This is the part you must make. The material is cardboard. First draw the lines, cut it, and after it you can fold the goal, and finally fix the edges with adhesive tapes. You can see the schematics on the image, the size may be larger or smaller, depending of the cap sizes or the other circumstances (skill, distance...).

The players and the ball

Now let's look the players. The only thing you have to do is to remove the cap from the bottle, and clean it, if it's needed. And repeat this until you get 2 larger and at least one smaller caps:-). The colors are recommended to be different to play easily. The big caps are the keepers, they are placed at the goals, the smaller caps are the other players and the ball, but I will explain this at the rules. Now that's all.

Step 2: Rules

We play it with 2 keepers and one ball. On a table the attacker player aim with the ball fom the side of the goal, the defender's keeper is standing before the goal, where the defender places it, but once it's placed, the defender can't move it. Then the attacker flicks the ball. There is only one flick per round. If the ball doesn't reach the goal line, or the keeper reflects it back toward the middle of the playground, the former defender (who becomes an attacker now) may aim from that point - this is an easier way for him to get a point. But if the ball went out from the playground, or missed the goal and left the playground beside the goal line, the former defender will aim from the side of his own goal, as the opponent did it before. This is the standard version. If you want more sophisticated gameplay, you may collect more normal size caps in 2 different colors, and organize them 2 teams, and use more difficult rules to play a normal button soccer, too. We, at the school, have a two teams set like this, as you can see.

(A small note: in my country, Hungary, this game - with old coat buttons - was a very popular game at the early times, before 40-50 years. Then the game makers invented the plastic "button-players" with the portraits of the players of famous teams, and the goal was made of plastic - but this version is a very low budget version, and you can play it even if there is not any requirements for a button soccer game, because an old cardboard box and some empty soda bottle can be found almost everywhere.) Have a good playtime:-)

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