Table to Hold the Herbs




Intro: Table to Hold the Herbs

Example for first

A special thanks to Elisa Puntual for inspiration

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Step 1: First Step Keep Materials & Tools

Simply obtain the following material & tools:


1 table of old wood
14 tacks
7 jars of spices
1 roll of copper wire
2 straight brackets
3 anchors with screws


1 screwdriver
1 hand drill
1 cable stripper
1 pliers
1 hammer
1 pencil

Step 2: Process


The screwdriver was used for the distances and the little sign of recognition for the hole to be do subsequently with the drill.

Step 3: After Drilling

After drilling the holes, hammer nails, making sure that they are positioned at the center, then so be able to insert the copper wire

Step 4: Fix Jars

With stranded copper, wrap well for number 3 or 4 laps the jar available, it is necessary to accurately move the ends of the copper cable to the extreme sides of the hole so to embrace the nail which in this case performs the function of tie.

Step 5: Work Completed

Work completed

Step 6: Fix to the Wall

After have applied the double brackets and having procured the plugs and screws, place of valve of wood to the wall in the manner as straight as possible and put a pencil to make holes in the sign for holes with the drill, after piercing the wall plugs and screw the board to the wall.

Step 7: Work Is Completed

On completion of work as well if you want to compost for vegetable you could put some small pebbles inside of jars of foam needed only for the bottom, then you can enter the ground with your hands or if you prefer using a small spoon. Now you can pick the planting of herbs you like best ... he then remember to water them thoroughly ;-).

If I'm lucky and the herbs that I planted will grow and survive me, I shall post the final picture with the herbs ;).

Thanks for visiting.

Step 8: The Plants Grow

Let's say, the little basil ask for water twice a day, if you leave wither.



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    why are the copper bands absent on the final product?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE this! What a great idea!!! :) They look amazing too. I have all the items to do I just need to make the time!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    If you're nailing into the wood it would be best not to drill the holes first, since they function on friction. You normally only drill pilot holes for screws which would give a stronger attachment point for the jars.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i alwayz wanted fresh mint and other herbs in my kitchen. thank youuuuuuuuuu for such a FAV idea =D


    6 years ago on Introduction

    i alwayz wanted fresh mint and other herbs in my kitchen. thank youuuuuuuuuu for such a FAV idea =D