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Hi there! Do you have something to celebrate... A birthday,
A new baby, A child getting a good grade on a paper at school or a summer party?

Here is fun,beautiful party decors helps you add some color and whimsy to your table Diy animal modals table decorations.This modern party decors are 100% hand crafted and cut carefully from various shades of high quality card stock. Acid and Lignin free.

Basic supplies : Card stock papers, glue, barbeque sticks, pencil, craft knife.

1.squirrel - 15/15 cm

2.deer - 15/16 cm

3 honeybee -14/18 cm

4.elephant-20/27 cm

5 duck-18/10 cm

6 hippo - 15/10 cm

7 rabbit -11/11 cm

8'' stick is used

These are perfect for Nursery decor, child room decor, kid room decor ,home decor and also photography backdrop also. I think this craft would also make a nice gift for a special person in a child's life.
( Each piece of craft is hand drawn and hand cut 100%. I am passionate about what I do and I make sure that every detail is perfect on every piece I create. I am not a mass producer so I design and craft each piece very carefully )


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