Tablet Case

Introduction: Tablet Case

Easily make a tablet case with household materials

Step 1: Materials

You will need
DVD case with internal/external clips on it( found on most cheap DVD cases)
Duct tape or any kind of heavy duty tape
Two brackets or bent items you can use to hold your tablet on
Wire or string
A knife
A laminated card

Step 2: Vertical Side

On the opposite side of the clips make two bore holes in the bottom of the case for the brackets(in my case, two bent nails)
Put brackets in and cover in tape to protect the tech
Secure the brackets down so they do not move with tape
On the opposite side add the card for stabilization for the case with tape on the underside which allows it to pivot to a flat position as well as not allowing it to open all the way thus supporting the weight

Step 3: Horizontal Side

This side is relatively easy
Put tape on case to add friction and grip
Put tape on the clips on the case

Step 4: Internal Slip Knot

I attached a piece of shoe lace to both sides of the case and then tied a slipknot with the open ends. This allows you to adjust the tilt of your tablet whenever you want.

Step 5: Wha La You Are Done!


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