Tablet Stand From Cardboard Box and Reused Keyboard

Introduction: Tablet Stand From Cardboard Box and Reused Keyboard

This is a tablet stand made from a box and the keyboard from an old tablet case.

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Step 1: The Base Material

I recently got a 10 1/2 tablet, and I was using a cheap case/keyboard combo with it. But it was old and the case itself was coming apart at the seams. So i decided to build a new base for the tablet using cardboard and the keyboard from the case.

Step 2: The Box

I used a mailing box as a base. First I hot glued the box sides together to make a stable base, then i cut out 30 degree angle support triangles and hot glued them to the base and one of the flaps to make a backboard. The black lines were just guidelines for the cardboard triangles: I used a lot of hot glue on the edges of the trangles to keep it stable.

Step 3: Attaching the Keyboard.

I then added two 1 inch wide strips on top of each other across the base as a stop for the tablet. I added a strip across the bottom of the keyboard to raise it up slightly so as not to interfere with the chip attached to the keyboard itself. After that i put it on the base just to get the correct position for it.

Step 4: Keyboard

I used two one inch wide spacers on either side of the base, leaving a space for the chip attached to the keyboard. After that I hot glued the keyboard onto the base then hot glued a 1 inch spacer in front of the keyboard and on its' sides.

Step 5: Trimming the Base

Afterwards I tested the keyboard with the tablet, which still worked, then trimmed off the excess cardboard.

Step 6: Final Tablet Holder

The finished holder is sturdy and holds the tablet securely.

To finish it off, I'm going to glue metal-foil posterboard onto it: Bronze perhaps for a steampunk look.

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