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Introduction: TabletCar Toyota

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Turn it your Tablet (Asus - Nexus 7 2012) into the best Stereo out there ever seen.

Note: This tutorial is based on a Toyota Corolla, but may be applied to another car, just need to adapt the requirements and installation process.

See the final results here:

Part 1

Part 2

Sorry for missing steps, see the video for final results.

Step 1: Requirements

Step 2: Setting the Tablet Part 1

First of all, we need:

The tablet it self

An Arduino (ATmega: Nano or UNO)

Step 3: Identifying the Power Steering Cables

In this case, we need to know the cables to control our tablet through the Arduino. I install it in my Toyota Corolla 2010 type-s, but it does not matter the car model, all major cars has this three cables to control the stereo based on resistance



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    13 Discussions

    Hey there!

    Its a very nice project and really want to work on it. The issue is im having some problem understanding the interconnection between all equipment. Can you provide me with the simulation diagram on fritzing or anything like that?

    4 replies

    Thank you tafonso1 for your input. I still couldn't get the funtion of Arduino. What is arduino used for?

    for controlling the volume and music from the tablet with the steering wheel controls but... you cant make it work in every car with a arduino. for some cars you need a canbus reader and try to identify the button presses in the canbus "network".

    actually it seems not that hard. check this:

    Thank you AhsanR,. I'll update and provide details on the steering wheel controls

    is it a nexus 2012 or 2013? I have the 2012 in my car and I mostly gave up using it. I have AutoDroid 1.2 with kang-aroo kernel (to enable firm sleep and OTG+Charge) but sometimes the tabled keeps awaken, just the screen is turned off and it flattens my car battery (i have removed the lithium battery and connected it directly to the car battery with a buck converter set for 4.2V). I already killed a car battery because of it and they cost 130€...

    Autodroid 1.2

    Kang-aroo kernel


    - Doesn't enter firm sleep sometimes and as a result flatten the car battery 3 times (bought a new one and it happened already one time also). Now I simply have it turned off.

    - It's too slow, specially if you have easycap constantly checking for camera signal

    - the usb and audio jack port came loose almost all weeks, specially in hot summer time. The metal dilates and it becomes loose not making contact at all. Result, you have to kick the tablet several times until it makes contact and then you hit a bump in the road, and there goes the sound again...

    I have some questions for you:

    Which android version are you using?
    Whick kernel?
    How do you put your kernel/tablet to sleep

    Maybe you could add more details to this instructable.

    thank you.

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    Android Version: 4.2.2

    Kernel Version: 3.1.10-g25ab3af

    I don't remember now but I had usbrom and it had some issue that made me use autodroid and kang-aroo.

    Can you also add details on the sterring wheel controls?
    what did you do in the nexus?

    what about the arduino code?

    thank you.

    Thank you Tafonso1,. I'll update and provide details on the steering wheel controls

    Sure, I have more than one years enjoying it in my car.

    1. Which android version are you using?

    - USB ROOM (link abobe) for Nexus 2012 based on CyanogenMod (CM)

    2. Whick kernel?

    - I don't have the kernel version right now, System Version: cm-10.1-20130817-USBROM-grouper

    3. How do you put your kernel/tablet to sleep

    - The ROOM take care about it, if the car is turn it off, the power is disconnected from the USB and the OS/Kernel sleep the table automatically.

    4. Maybe you could add more details to this instructable.

    - Due to time and (my english) I couldn't finish but I will keep providing feedback.