Tabletop Goal With Strawbees

Introduction: Tabletop Goal With Strawbees

Got your new pack of Strawbees with you? Looking for a quick tabletop game to set up and play? Well look no further. This instructable will help you set up a goal that can be used for tabletop hockey, football/soccer, indoor golf, etc.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- 9 to 10 Strawbees (or similar) straws

- Scissors

- 6 x 3 Strawbee connectors

- 2 x 2 Strawbee connectors

Step 2: Size the Straws, Cut, and Connect

Take the straws and cut two of the straws to form the top. The top is the key as it will be the smallest area where the rest will connect to. On the left and right side, make them the same size, on the top and bottom you need to make one significantly larger than the other.

After you have the top created, you can now connect all of the rest of the pieces. Each corner piece will use the 3 strawbee connector except for what you will be using as the front bottom of the goal (see attached pictures). Since it has the opening, it only needs the 2.

Step 3: Time to Play

That's it, once you have the goal done, you can either create a second one to use or just play with the one you have. For starters, we cut some of the extra straws and folded them to make "sticks" and used smaller pieces as a puck. Got a small bouncy ball (those types that come from the quarter machines in the mall)? Now you have a ball to play finger football/soccer. Let your imagination fly!

If you go the indoor golf route, maybe using a whiffle ball and broom, you can also move forward with creating more goals and placing them around the house. It makes for hours of fun making up your own course if you have kids... or just the kid in you!

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