Tabletop Music Stand (made From Paper!)




Introduction: Tabletop Music Stand (made From Paper!)

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This tabletop music stand is ONLY made out of paper! It is quite simple to make, and it can be constructed in one afternoon. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can conveniently practice your instrument anywhere in the house! Just follow these simple steps, and you'll have a stand like mine in no time!

  • 38 sheets of printer paper
  • 1 sheet of sheet music (or sheet music from online that you printed out)
  • hot glue gun
  • tape
  • pencil
  • scissors

That's all you need!

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Step 1: Roll Up the Paper

Ready to roll up 38 sheets of printer paper and 1 sheet of sheet music? Let's go!

Grab your pencil and a sheet of paper. Put the pencil on the corner of the paper and start tightly rolling the paper up with the pencil inside. Once it looks like your pencil is about to be concealed entirely by the roll of paper, slide it out and keep rolling tightly until you have rolled the entire paper up. Hold the tube with one hand as you rip a piece of tape with the other. Stick it to the roll, covering up the end on the outside. Place the tube aside and reach for another sheet of paper.

Because this process is tedious, I recommend listening to some upbeat music to keep the paper rolling!

Step 2: The Main Section

You will need 27 tubes of printer paper for the front, 3 tubes for the supporting back, and 1 sheet music tube for the sheet music rest. Here we go!

Place the 27 printer paper tubes all in line vertically on the floor; I recommend using a piece of cardboard underneath your work so hot glue doesn't get on the carpet or whatever you are working on. Next, get your hot glue gun heated up and squeeze some glue onto one of the 3 rolls for the back. Stick the tube horizontally near the top of the section. Glue another tube near the bottom. Then, for extra support, glue yet another tube diagonally in between the two. For more support, glue in between each crevice of the vertical tubes touching the horizontal and diagonal tubes. Glue more on each side, and leave for a few minutes until the glue has hardened and cooled. This should make the main part of the stand extra sturdy.

Flip the main section over to the front, and glue in the same way the sheet music tube horizontally near the bottom of the section. Before gluing, make sure a regular sheet of printer paper fits in the space above the sheet music rest, leaving a little extra space from the top of the paper to the top of the section.

Step 3: Back Framework

Don't unplug your glue gun just yet! Now it's time to hot glue the main section to a framework of supporting tubes. This requires the remaining 8 tubes.

Push two of the tubes underneath the main section and off to the side. Then take two more and position them underneath the top supporting horizontal tube, leaning back toward the ground, and resting on top of the two tubes on the ground. Hold them in place and hot glue accordingly. Make sure to hold the tubes in place before letting go. If you let go too soon, the tubes will fall over and you will be left in a hot gluey mess! Take your time, gluing in each corner and crevice.

Place the stand face down on the ground, and add another tube horizontally between the two tubes on the bottom.

Set the stand back upright. Then take two more tubes, cut them to the height of mid-length of the leaning tubes (the ones at a 45 degree angle coming to the ground). Glue one on each side between the bottom tubes and the leaning tubes. 

Hot glue the eighth and final tube horizontally across the bottom two tubes.

Step 4: You Are Done!

Enjoy practicing your instrument using this tabletop music stand, made ONLY out of paper! Just be sure to show it off to your friends, or even give one to a music loving friend! Anyone would marvel over having a piece like this in their house! :)

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    Thank you, now I can sit anywhere and play my violin with my great table stand!

    Jessie Marie
    Jessie Marie

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for reading my instructable! I am so happy I could help! Enjoy your new stand, paper style! :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is a pretty neat music stand, congrats on making, only problem is if you want a music stand that is tall enough for you to read from whilst you're playing trombone or something. Also, just to let you know we created some crafts out of paper too on our profile. Just have a look if you're interested :)