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Hello. In this instructable we will be creating a mini tabletop water fountain. This fountain was very simple and took me about 30 minutes to build. Let's get started! This project will be entered in the form labs contest and what I would use the 3d printer for is to create custom cases for my electronics because I always am running int those kinds of problems.

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Step 1: The Parts

You will need a small electric pump that can be powered by 9volts. You will need some stones to use for decoration and also you will need some sort of pot to hold the water in. I got a pump from Amazon and the pot was found in my basement and the rocks from the dollar store. Overall the price was about $12. You will also want to clean the pot out. Also you will need a switch, a container that would be ideal for housing the electronics and a 9 volt battery snap.

Step 2: Setting Up the Pot

You will want to put a few small stones in the bottom of the pot. Just enough to cover the bottom. I covered the bottom and then added a few more layers to be sure that the pump was a little more elevated because I didn't want to have to use a tube. If you have tube and you don't mind using it then you only need 1 layer. The only drawback from putting more rocks in the bottom is that you need more water.

Step 3: Putting in the Pump

Once you have the stones in the bottom you can place the pump in. When it goes in you will want to make sure that the pump is centered in the pot. Once the pump is in the desired place you can start placing larger stones around the pump so that it is secured in place. Continue to place larger stones until the night is what you want, and the tube is covered.

Step 4: Testing the Pump

Now you can add water to the pot until it is just bellow the brim. Once you have the pump in take the cord and apply 9 volts to the pump. Note that this could get a little messy because the stones may need to be adjusted. Once the pump is pumping water how you want we can move on to making the case that holds the electronics.

Step 5: Getting the Container Ready

First we need to get the switch in the container so we will drill a hole in the side to fit the switch in. Next you will need 2 holes in the top to put the cords through. I used an altoids container so I had to sand it after I drilled.

Step 6: Soldering the Components

First you need to trim the battery snap so the wires are about one inch long. Then solder the positive wire to the switch. Next feed the pump's positive wire through one of the two holes on the top of the container and solder it to the other end of the switch. Finally feed the pump's negative wire through the other hole and solder it to the batter snap's negative wire. Now position it so that when the 9 volt is attached it can fit inside the container. Now you are all done.

Step 7: Additional Option

Instead of using a 9 volt you can use a wall adapter. I found a old wall plug that output 9 volts DC and sniped the end of and stripped the wires. After doing that in order to make sure which wire is which I used a voltmeter to test the two wires. Once I had marked the wires both positive and negative I desoldered the battery snap and replaced its wires with the adapters wires. Note when doing this project if you want to use a wall adapter use something other than a tin because you don't want the 2 wires making contact.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    The fountain is very quiet and yes you can see water flowing down the rocks.


    4 years ago

    It would be great if you could post a video of this in action as I'm not sure where the water trickling would occur.. Can you see water on top of the rocks?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Exactly ! and i believe the pump will be more noisy. I too have one in fish tank if we pull it out it does make some sound which dampens inside tank but not outside.

    Awesome job!

    I'd love to hear the sound of water trickling down the rocks while I'm searching the web for ideas ^^