Tackle Box Organization Hack




Introduction: Tackle Box Organization Hack

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This is a simple way to organize your fishing hooks and spinners for your tackle box. It will help you find your equipment with ease and be able to select the equipment without being cut by a hook.

Supplies needed :

Glue gun or other adhesive

tackle box



cutting tool

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Step 1: Pick a Slot in the Tackle Box

Step 2: Measure the Slot

Step 3: Cut a Square of Styrofoam Using the Previous Measurements

Use caution while working with knives or cutting tools

Step 4: Make Sure the Square Is Straight and Doesn't Have Any Cracks

Step 5: Use a Glue Gun or Other Adhesive to Put in the Slot of Choice

Use caution while working with adhesive and glue guns

Step 6: Place the Styrofoam Over the Glued Slot and Press Firmly

alllow 1 minute to dry

Step 7: Start Placing Your Hooks in the Styrofoam

Step 8: Bend a Paperclip in This Shape

Step 9: Place Your Spinners on the Paperclip

Step 10: Place the Paperclip Into Styrofoam . Now You Have a Organized Tackle Box Slot

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    6 Discussions

    I just use safety pins to do hook size and swivels. A lot cheaper and better for the envi


    4 years ago

    Good idea. I'd say great idea because I know what a pain (in more ways then one) it can be to untangle and retrieve a single hook from a pile of them, but I can't say great because there's something you need to take into account. That is that as you use it, it will tear up the little Styrofoam balls and as that happens those balls/flakes will go everywhere, including into the environment where you'll be fishing. Then birds and fish will most likely mistake the balls of plastic foam as food an eat it. Even then some will recognize it doesn't taste right an spit it out, but some will not and that will obviously, be hazardous to their health.

    I might suggest adding a layer of some type on top of the Styrofoam to hold back the flakes and balls as the hooks are removed. The layer could be cloth, rubber, even plastic. Trials would have to be done to see what works best.

    Or better yet, use that other kind of plastic foam packing that isn't made of tiny foam balls. It's more of a spongy foam that comes in all kinds of colors.


    4 years ago

    My grandfather's old tackle box had a strip of cork in the top that he used for the same purpose. Why isn't this standard in most boxes? Great idea and easily replaced when damaged.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah there should be a standard hook holder in tackle boxes. I got my inspiration for this instructable from people who used cork for there hooks. Thanks for the feedback.