Taco Bell Cruch Wraps



Introduction: Taco Bell Cruch Wraps

Making crunch wraps at home is easy and delicious. You will need your typical taco trimmings. Here is what I used.

Large soft taco shells

Ground beef

Taco Bell seasoning

Taco Bell sauce

Cheese (more the better)

Tortilla chips (crushed up)

Onions (diced)

Tomatos (diced)

Cheese (again) :)


Sour Cream

You will also need a large non stick cooking pan. You can add cooking if you want. I set my stove top on 7 and let it heat up while I'm cutting up the ingredients.

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Step 1: MEAT

I cook the ground beef before I start making the tacos. This makes sure your food is well cooked. I used Taco Bell seasoning to the meat and cooked until done.


Lay out a large softshell tortilla, spread cheese around the edges (this helps it to stick together). You can also add cheese to the center if you want. Next add your toppings. You can add anything you like on tacos but I added meat, shredded cheese, sour cream, guacamole, onions, tomato's, and chips.

Step 3: Make It Pretty (kinda)

Once you have your fixings its time to wrap it up. Fold the edges up to get 5 or 6 sides. Add your wrap folds down to a hot skillet. Let cook on either side until shell starts to brown.

Step 4: Plate It and Time to Eat!

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