Tactical Key Chain




Don't you think something tactical would come in handy sometime in your life? Well, this probably would! Follow these steps to make a tactical and tacti-cool key chain ring!


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Materials Needed:

Step 2: Starting the Ring

Thread the paracord through the metal ring until the paracord reaches its middle, or the 3 ft mark.

Step 3: Starting the Solomon Bar

lace the inner cord over the outer cord

Step 4: Starting the Solomon Bar Pt. 2

Hook the cord facing down back up through the back of the crook, which is the aluminum band.

Step 5: Starting the Solomon Bar Pt. 3

Pull the running ends tightly.

Step 6: Continuing the Solomon Bar

Lace the right running cord over the left running cord.

Step 7: CTS Pt. 2

Hook the right running end backwards and up through the back of the crook, just like the start of the solomon bar, just flipped.

Step 8: CTS Pt. 3

Pull the knot made tightly from both ends.

Step 9: CTS Pt. 4

Lace the left running end over the right running end.

Step 10: CTS Pt. 5

Hook the left running cord facing down backwards and up through the back of the crook, and pull tight.

Step 11: CTS Pt. 6

Repeat steps 6-10 until at least 6-7 inches of each running cord are left.

Step 12: Stopping the Solomon Bar

Create a 2 strand diamond knot with the two cords...

Step 13: Solomon Bar Finished

At this point, the Solomon bar should be finished! Sorry if you cannot understand my steps; I'm new to this stuff!

Step 14: Add the Desired Accessories

Add your desired accessories to make it even more tacti-cool!

Step 15: If Ever...

If ever a knuckle duster is needed, then put the Solomon bar across your knuckles, and grip the diamond knot with your thumb! WHAM!



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Punching somebody with paracord is very "friendly" - perhaps too friendly in a situation when you really need a knuckle duster. I feel better prepared with a real climbing carabiner that holds all my keys and other EDC-stuff and that fits perfectly into my hand/fist. If interested, see my instructables for a review of such "tactical" key "chain".

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Probably best to checks it's legality, but there is always the Kubotan.