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I am an imprisoned writing instrument addict.

I wanted to share my version of combining a nice stainless steel pen barrel with the fantastic space pen refill ink cartridge.
Even-though this is not my invention - it is a new idea to me, which I had to create.

The everyday carry world aka EDC - which I am also addicted to – reveal the ideas of maximizing usefulness of what we carry.

The Tactical Space Pen is an item that fits my bill for a EDC pen.

The marbles pictured are from my childhood - another passion.

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Step 1: Items Needed and Tools

Items to combine into one


Zebra F-701 Ball point pen, fine point 0.7mm

Heavy-duty stainless steel barrel

Easy to hold knurled grip

Clicking mechanism

Retractable cartridge – not going to be used


Fisher space pen cartridge – Medium point black ink

It can write in all conditions


Curved dental pick - other sharp objects could be used

Step 2: Open Barrel and Remove Internal Items

Open Barrel and remove internal items

I twisted (unthreaded) the tip of the barrel.

I took out the retractable cartridge (put it in the drawer for possible future use)

I saved the spring to reuse for this project.

Using the dental pick, I pulled the plastic plug out of the tip.

Please note: It does not take a great deal of force to pull the plastic plug out. I suggest that you reach as far down in to the tip with the pick.

Also note: I believe other styles of picks could work. I used what I had available.

Step 3: Replace Components

Replace components

Using the existing spring, I reversed the dis-assembly process - but using the space pen ink cartridge.

Side note: the space pen has a plastic spacer in the packaging. This plastic spacer is not needed for this application.

Step 4: Finished Tactical Space Pen

This was a great little project.

I have several requests for additional pens.

Thank you for viewing my Instructable

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    13 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome modification !

    I’ve made a tactical pen also https://www.instructables.com/id/Gel-Ink-Pen-with-a...

    My pen is made of light and strong titanium and it can break windshields in case of emergency.However it takes gel-ink refill which is prone to impact(U can see how it leaked after a hit).Maybe the combination of yours and mine would make a perfect tactical pen.

    1 reply
    Fikjast ScottStoveman

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the nice comment. I am torn on functional ink over nice writing, gel ink would write better than the space pen ink.


    one other thing to add to this - it is all over the web but if you want to get rid of the black plastic tail cap on the 701 - get a f-402 zebra pen and take the metal tail cap off and it will fit the 701 just fine no black plastic on the 701 all nice metal!!

    good idbl

    1 reply
    Fikjast ScottDRTYBURTY

    Reply 5 years ago

    First, thank you viewing and making a comment.

    My idea for building it; is that it can survive about anything and still be used. Writes under water etc, can be bounced around and not break.
    It is a heavy duty pen with more than one use.
    I think if you look up every day carry, you will find it interesting.