Tactical Shotgun

About: My names John,I've been building with knex for 5 years And am currently working on a lever action tube fed shotgun =D

This is one of my guns from the past that I never posted because I lost it in my archive of knex guns and just refound it. It had a mag capacity of 8-9 rounds is 15.25in. long and 5.5in. high.

it's a shotgun
40ft range
long ram pull

trigger isn't the best



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    Mad Cat

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ha, I joined this group over 6 years ago and people are still uploading stuff. Did we ever end up making a 'proper' fully-automatic gun? Without individual barrels?

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    Johnhall44Mad Cat

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, there are proper full auto guns but they shoot a little bit too fast to be useful. I believe knex360 made one.


    Nice! I like the sights too, how do they adjust? (also, is it just me, or is the stock bending upwards a tiny little bit?)

    3 replies

    Thanks = ) Im not really sure how to describe how they adjust, but when you want to adjust up the red connector its attached at the front part of the sight to moves up. Yes,the stock is a little bit bent up. Do you see anything you think I should change on this? =D

    No problem =D
    Well, I'd say, that if you make this gun again, you could make the stock not bending. Otherwise, I don't see anything wrong (maybe make a trigger that blocks back pretty far, not sure how far this one blocks back)

    The trigger blocks right above the handle and lets the pin pull to the very back part of the pin guide. The reason the stock bends a little is because the top part of the pin guide didnt really have any other way to connect to the stock and reciever and pulls it together some.