Tacticool Nerf Spotlight!

Hello Makers, this is my first TACTICOOL instructable!

In this instructable I will make a Cool Spotlight for Nerf, Made Xtra Tacticool

Step 1: Gather Components

1x Nerf Recon Sight

1x Bright Blue Led

1x 9v battery clip

2x Zip ties ( Have a few more since you might stuff up)

180Ω resistor (May vary according to the led you use)

9v Battery

3A CircuitBreaker

NOTE some things aren't shown in pictures.

Step 2: Drill Holes in Box, One for the Led and One for the Circuit Breaker

If you ask why I have the circuit breaker, well your answer is that it adds to the tacticoolness.

Drill one large hole and one small hole for the led, the larger one being for the Circuit breaker. Note my bog had small holes for wires but you might need to drill some.

Step 3: Solder Circuit Inside Box

For this next step you need to Solder together the circuit. Sorry for the circuit diagram being sideways. I did all the solder joints inside the box since it was more convenient, but if you choose you can make it More tacticool your own way. And Also NOTE that the circuit breaker only adds to the Tacticoolness of this spotlight!!!

Step 4: Nearly Done!

For the next step Drill two holes parallel to each other on either side of the Nerf recon sight. Then zip tie the Project enclosure with the circuit inside to the box, and make sure the LED faces the front notch that clips into the rail. Make sure to also wedge a 9v battery on-top as well before tying of the zip ties at the bottom.

Step 5: Conclusion

To conclude this Tacticool Instructable, whenever you attach the 9v battery to the battery clip the led comes on and you can now use it as a bright spotlight. I used a 12000mcd blue led. Maybe I will implement a 3v-9v DC boost converter so it is cheaper to use. Please comment and Click I Made It if you created your own version and list any improvements that you might want to make. If you have any issues just ask and I can reply to try solve it.

Have Fun,




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