Tagliolini With Porcini Mushroom and Speck




This morning I borrowed a cookery book from the lending library. The title is "Fatkiller" and it's supposed to be a collection of low-fat recipes. I thought I could use it to find some nice refreshing recipes for the summer.
I saw a pasta recipe for Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom and bresaola.
While cycling back home I thought of how to make it with the ingredients I had in the house, and I came up with a delicious "twisted" version.
I stir-fried a minced clove of garlic in a pan with a drizzle of oil, some chopped parsley and catmint, added some chopped dry porcini mushrooms previously left in hot water for 10 minutes. I then added 3 slices of  speck roughly chopped.
In the meantime I cooked some tagliolini, I made a couple of daysago, and after draining the pasta I sautéed it with the mushroom and speck mix and served.



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    There is a lot of confusion about this herb. I cannot find a perfect translation for the Italian name in English. What I'm talking about is the edible one. :D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Are you sure you mean catmint?  That's the stuff that gets cats high.  I've never known it to be edible.  And just in case it's helpful, in the US, people use bacon as a speck substitute.

    It looks very tasty!

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    I looked at the translation for "Nepitella" - the herb we use in Tuscany when we cook porcini mushrooms, and it came out "Catmint".
    I also looked on the internet and some variety of catmint is edible for human... mine is! :-)
    You can also use Parma ham as a speck substitute.

    It's tricky to translate foods/ingredients, but if you can look up the scientific botanical name using the Italian Google and then search for that name in the English Google, you'll potentially get a better translation.  I think it's just mint that you used.  Catmint is in the mint family, but it's a particular kind of mint that you buy in pet stores generally.

    Parma ham, like speck, is another one that Americans won't necessarily be able to find in the typical grocery store.  American bacon is different than what you can find in Europe generally, and American ham... well, you would probably prefer American bacon in this recipe over the American ham.

    I know it's difficult finding the exact translation of herbs!
    I'm sure the one I used it's not common mint, 'cause I have that herb too and it's different and smells different as well.
    I didn't know Parma ham, the good quality one, it's not easily available in the US. I lived in London (UK) for years and all of the Italian food was easy to find, but I guess it's just because it's such a large city.
    There are so many time I read recipes on American blogs and find that I can't try them because I won't be able to find the ingredients over here!!!

    I can find Parma ham, speck, etc., but I have to go to one of the fancier grocery stores and remember which one has what.  It's not in the typical grocery stores, and I also live in a city that has fancier grocery stores in addition to Indian, Mexican, Chinese, etc. specific stores.  If I lived 30 miles away, I wouldn't have access to all that or would have to drive 30 miles.

    My husband and I have also encountered recipes with hard-to-find ingredients, especially some of the Indian ones, so we have to look up what the ingredient actually is, how it tastes/feels, and substitute the best we can.  I can't imagine doing that with certain American recipes because there isn't a good substitute for things like Oreos, Cream of Mushroom soup, Velveeta, etc.  They're all commercial products that are easy for Americans to purchase, and it would be a lot of extra work if you had to make the Oreos or the Cream of Mushroom soup from scratch.  I have no idea how to best substitute Velveeta (you know, fake cheese) except to use a cheese that melts easily without becoming stringy and doesn't have a particularly strong flavor.

    Looking up lesser calamint, does the herb you use smell like oregano and mint if they were combined?

    We've got Oreo over here - my husband's favourite!
    What is hard or impossible to find are ready made biscuit dough, corn syrup, red velvet cake mix, things like that...most of your cheeses and you're right: ready made creamy soup!
    I always shop for spices and "fancy" ingredients whenever I go to London, I make a point of wrighting a shopping list before I leave!
    Last year I bought some strange spices during a vacation in Australia, just in case I'd needed them in th near future!