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Introduction: Tahu Modified

About: Currently low on my free time. I'll try to post what I can and hope you enjoy making each one. My main joy is Lego's Bionicle series, and regular Legos by extension. Anything that's mechanized I'll love, eve...

So I've decided to post my version of Tahu, though i have decided to modify what i made slightly. Now he's able to hold his sword.

Also instead of providing a long parts list, i just did it section by section, this made it wayyy easier to post.

Step 1: First, the Most Important Part, the Torso.

Note: I had to unbuild it from both sides, which is why it looks awkwardly complete in a few spots. Never the less it should still be doable.

Step 2: Second, and Also the Second Most Important Part of the Body, the Waiste.

Step 3: Now for the Right Leg

Step 4: And Next, the Left

Step 5: Now for the Right Arm

And yes the arms are a bit complex, which is what happens when you're an anime/LEGO addict.

Step 6: And Last But Not Least, the Left

Step 7: It Should Look Something Like This Now...

P.S. Feel free to ell me your thoughts.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I enjoy the pre-HF stuff. I occasionally add some of it, but only when absolutely necessary. (I have a new one but I'm not sure if I'll put the instructions up.)


    I really appreciate it when someone references Bionicle. Good job man!