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Introduction: Tailgate Bench

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This is something I wanted to build for a couple months, but I don't have a heated garage so it had to wait for spring 2015. Worth the wait.

Step 1:

Get a tailgate. After a little searching I found this gate off an early 70s dodge ram for $70.

Step 2:

Get wood. I picked up 10 pine 2x4s, 10' lengths. I had plenty of extra wood.

Step 3:

Build the frame for the seat.

Step 4:

Cut the rest of your wood to length.

Step 5:

Sand. Stain. Sand. Stain. Sand. Stain.

Step 6: Assembly

I built the seat frame. And put on the legs. Next was the tailgate then the seat slats.

Step 7: Arms & Final Product

Came up with an arm design on the fly with leftover materials from a previous project.

I let it sit outside over night. Applied a couple more coats of stain the following day. And that's it, took 3 days to make start to finish, working on it a couple hours after work each night.

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    4 years ago

    This is a great way to 'remember' a favorite old truck!