Tailgate Grill - Jack Daniel's Independence Project

About: My passion is providing unique & innovative products to folks for outdoor entertaining and tailgating. The GoGalley portable outdoor kitchen changes the game in how people enjoy the tailgating experience wi...

Hello everyone, I'm Gary Troup, 58 (05/02/54). In April I left the big corporate IT world behind to do a startup - GoGalley. Small company with big ideas. Like to show you a new portable outdoor kitchen we are launching. We believe it is going to change the game in tailgating and how people enjoy the outdoors. We all lead hectic lives. The pace is relentless. So I have chosen to make a living helping people relax and enjoy the outdoors with their friends and families. Our 1st project is the GoGalley.

So whats the big deal? The world doesn't need another grill. But with GoGalley you will be able to take your kitchen anywhere and cook anything. Even bake casseroles, pizza and cookies. That's because your mobile kitchen has a grill, smoker, oven, fryer, boiler all-n-one that you can easily take camping, football game or races. The truth is - you can do that without a GoGalley. BUT....you have to buy 6 cooking devices, load it all up and unload it when you get there (no fun). 

With GoGalley, you roll it up to your vehicle, slip into your 2" standard hitch, press a button and it lifts and rides on the vehicles suspension. No trailer required (what a headache) and no dirty grill in vehicle taking up your personal storage (the ladies will like that -YES!). And for even more value, GoGalley's distinctive design lets you use if at home as your outdoor kitchen (for those who don't have $20,000 to spend). Understand why I am passionate about this new project?

In August we were fortunate that GoGalley project was voted  #1 in TOP 10 Grills for Tailgating by bbq.about.com.
And....Meathead @ Amazingribs.com says "It's the best rig I've ever seen for tailgating".

So what will I do with the money? I will use the $25K to fund a national ad campaign on the top internet shopping sites like Google Shopping. We have the manufacturing, distribution and website in place.. We have inventory built.. We have action videos and customer testimonials. We just need more awareness and visibilty by promoting ads of our new product/idea. The money will help let folks know there is a new and easier way to haul all their stuff to the campground or ballgame to entertain and enjoy the outdoors.. www.gogalley.com

Why am I qualified? 30 successful years creating new markets in the information technology business. But lets face it, selling tailgating products vs computers / software is a refreshing change. This is a no brainer to get excited about. But any technology without customers will perish.  That is why I entered the contest. The $25K turns the idea/dream into a sustainable

Heck, Jack Daniel's gets tailgating. They are launching the ultimate Tailgate Throwdown party starting in Sept across the US.
Ummm....you think Jack Daniels needs a GoGalley behind their nice motor coach?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great product and a great pitch man. Definitely a winner...


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What an incredible, multi-faceted galley! This will be a great centerpiece for any outing by bringing family and friends together for good times and great food. To think, an entire Thankgsgiving (or elaborate Sunday dinner) meal, with all the trimmings, can be prepared with this galley... This is definitely a WINNER!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    A grilling machine and a griller's dream all in one thing....now that's worth the price of admission. Tailgaters all over can take this thing anywhere and be the coolest grill masters of their party...love it! Keep 'em coming...