Taj Mahal: Gift for Lovers




Long time ago , a famous love story happened in india between the king Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal , the king decided after the death of his beloved to build a huge monument in her nameas a mausoleum,the wonderful Taj Mahal.

Note: this is photo of taj mahal taken by Asitjain


Step 1: List of Materiels:

1-Plywood 3mm

2-wood sticks(bamboo)


4- White glue

Step 2: Building the Towers

In this step i build the towers.

Step 3: Building the Base and Walls

In this step we make the base and the walls

Step 4: Domes

In this step i make domes.

Step 5: The Final Assembling of Taj Mahal

in the final step i just finish assmbling

Step 6: Shining Taj Mahal

this is the final step in my work, i just add leds to give a beautiful view.



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