Take Awesome Open Shutter Photography With Sparklers

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Using open shutter photography plus sparklers makes for some awesome pictures. I'll show you how to make these awesome pictures with almost any camera.

Step 1: Taking the Picture

First you need to get some sparklers, all kinds will work well. The best time to take the picture is at night so you can see the sparkle. You might need experiment with the shutter speed. To get the best picture if you finish "drawing" you picture keep going over it so you don't have this long trail. Also if your doing your name you need to do it backwards. Also don't turn if you need to take a step, or it wont show up.

Step 2: Mistakes

There will always be mistakes with open shutter photography. Check them out. The first one was supposed to be Lisa but it got jumbled so it looks like Lois or Love. The second one was supposed to be a horse but it got a little messed up. The third one was supposed to be a flower but the pettles shifted a little. And the last one is just kinda cool.

Step 3: All the Pictures

Doing sparkler pictures is fun! So check out all of the pictures!

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    this guy i know, Jeff Newsom, through my friends photography company has this awesome website where he puts an led and a 3v coin cell battery at the end of a string and swings it around, check his website out

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think you mean open shutter photography. Time lapse photography is taking multiple pictures over a period of time. Your technique is leaving the shutter open as to allow more light in.

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    I have a questionj for you...i want to get into taking pictures of lightning, but i was wondering...can you do time lapse photos with a Digital camera, and if so, how do i do it?


    Depends on the digi cam. Most point and shoot cameras do not have the ability to leave the shutter open for extended periods of time. I know that Canon powershots have the ability to load custom firmware that allows you to perform such tasks (and the firmware is non destructive - you just load it on to an SD card and it loads when the camera starts up). Your best bet on taking long exposure (that's the name I was looking for!) photgraphs is using an SLR camera that will allow for the shutter to be held open for long periods of time. (Simple explanation) For lightning, You would want the camera to be on a tripod or a steady surface at least and facing the area of where the lightning is happening and leave the shutter open. You will have to play with the settings and it may take a few tries to get the picture right.

    Lightnig Pictures are Awesome. To do this you can either go to Tv which on my camera is shutter speed priority. Or you can go to something that says shutter speed. Then you can set it for about 5 seconds. You might have to expiriment with the time. Have Fun!