Take Revenge: Poke Your Boss !




hello,I am back with something funny this time....this toy is for the big boys....

Do you work in a office? then probably you have an angry,actually very angry boss,who is always very very angry upon you......he always scolds you for your unfinished jobs,assignments,projects bla bla bla......And you tend to become the hulk.....you want to poke his eyes out,you want to push him down the stairs,you want to roll him over the floor.......but You can't do that,in fear of loosing your job.......here is an easy solution to this problem...............

Introducing the table boss,make him,poke him,roll him,see him getting annoyed,saying no,going insane...watch him heartbeat rise as you roll him........and calm your blood-thirsty soul.

before proceeding further,please watch the video........

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Step 1: Supplies !!!!!

You would require........

1. One ball (described in next steps)
2. Six Red Leds + six 220 ohms
3. Two Blue LEDs + two 220 ohms
4. A DAGU micro magician V2 board (I have used it for it's small size and the built in accelerometer)
5. Soldering iron and other tools
6. Hot glue gun
7. A weight >=200grams
8. Some cardboard
9. Three Micro Servos (I used Vigor)
10. Patience...........well I didn't use any.....

Step 2: Build It !

Ok,now as you are interested,I am going to show you how I built this..

First I took a big ball,and cut it into two equal halves....the upper portion waw my boss's head and the lower portion was his belly.

Actually I am using two different halves of two different balls,cause actually I FRIED the green head....well....somehow.......

The balls I am using are candy balls available at local shops....ordinary balls would do the trick too.....depends upon you solely...

Step 3: Add Some Weight at the Bottom of the Belly Half....

I have added a 200g weight at the belly portion,like this....

Fix the weight into correct position by applying some hot glue.........

before adding the weight,cut a small hole in the bottom (exact bottom...else boss won't stand vertically) and apply hot glue in it....just like the picture shown........

After applying hot glue,it's time for bottom LEDs.....

I used 6 red LEDs....and 6 resistances.....

Solder 220ohms Resistances to the positive terminal of each of the 6 LEDs and connect all the negative terminals together....Add an wire to any negative terminal and six wires to the positive terminal of each LED...

Please see the picture below... in this configuration the  yellow wires represent the positive terminals and the blue one represents the ground terminal.

Step 4:

then,make a hollow cylinder out of cardboard,whose circular cross section should be a little larger than the ball,so that the ball just exactly fits in....

I wrapped a black Art paper around this to make it look like a coat....bosses wear coats,............don't they?

Before doing anything with the servos.CENTER ALL OF THEM...

Cut two slits on the sides like in the picture,and secure two micro servos with servo horns there.......with hot glue.....

cut a small hole at the front and fix a White LED representing heartbeat there.....dont forget to solder a 220ohms resistance at one leg of the LED......

When finished it should look similar to the last picture..

Step 5: Head-lights !

Now for the head,I choose two blue LEDs......soldered their negative terminals together,and added 220ohm resistances to the positive terminals,then I attached them to the inside of the ball-head...at first they weren't visible from outside,later I melted two holes of LED size on the ball,and pushed the LEDs in,so that they can be viewed from outside.

This is where I changed the red head into green head.....

At first the upper ball was Red,later I decided it to be green,so I opted for another green ball....

solder two yellow wires to the resistances and a blue one with the ground terminals on the LEDs.....I prefer to attach small header pins and cover them with heat-shrink tubes so that they can be easily intefaced with microcontroller boards.

Glue down two wood sticks or ice cream sticks to the head in a cross design like in the picture.....

Step 6:

Now,put the body on the belly portion and fix with hot glue,or super glue as you may prefer..

Time for connection........

Follow the Pin connection as follows

left eye=Analog pin A4
Right eye= Analog pin A3
Heart Led= pin 5

Right hand servo = pin 9
left hand servo = pin 3
head Servo = pin 10 (just attach a micro servo to pin 10  for now...)

Attach all the ground pins to the ground pins on the Board....

To attach the belly LEDs follow the diagram given below....

After all the connections have been made,put the controller board inside the body as exactly as possible as shown in pic....I attached a small cardboard under the board and applied some glue to it,so that it wouls stick inside the body and not move unnecessarily.....

Step 7:

Now for the servo connected to pin 10.....

Attach it to a wooden stick or popsickle stick as shown and glue it.......the stick should be as long as the diameter of the body of the toy,and the servo shaft should remain almost at the center of the stick,like this....

Then attach the stick with the servo to the body as shown.....it should remain vertical and the shaft should remain at the center of the circular diameter of the body.....look at the pics below..

Step 8:

now put the servo horn on the servo and apply some hot glue....then put the head on the servo horn  and hold it for sometimes until the hot glue dries........

Construction complete........

I cut a slit at the back of the bot,where the Board's USB connections are..and attached two wires to the power terminals of the board (Red to positive and Blue to negative)..just like the pic below......

Now use your USB cable to transfer the program attached here.

Step 9:

Setup is complete...........now connect batteries to the wires....I used six Rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries.......

If you have Li-Po Batteries you can put them inside the bot itself........that would be more easy to use....

That's all....happy poking....

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That reminds me of the android robot ;D


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It works for me with Google Chrome on a Mac. Try a different browser, Firefox is supposed to work well with Instructables...


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I found this on the forum:

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Btw, it seems that the code for the microcontroller board is missing...


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Thanks.....I did upload the code.....let me check it again...thanks for the notification..