Take Your Catz to the Club With You Aka Secret Message Political TShirt




Going straight from your political rally to the club and don't want to change? Wanna be political by day but pick up fellow Cat lovers by night? By using glow in the dark paint on certain parts of your shirt, you can have only the secret message show up in the dark!

What You'll Need

Regular Fabric Paint
Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint (Should be the same color as the regular fabric paint)
a plain tshirt
2 sponges (or one that clean in between using)
some pieces of cardboard, or a folded newspaper
printouts from: http://sternlab.org/artfortheinternet/2010/10/wearable-political-placard-sandwich-board-thats-made-to-flipflop/printouts/

To view on the original blog: http://sternlab.org/artfortheinternet/2010/10/secret-message-political-tshirt-how-to/

To see other projects and work: http://www.theliztaylor.com

Step 1: Put the Pieces of Cardboard Inside the Tshirt.

Put the pieces of cardboard inside the tshirt.

Step 2: Cut the Stencils

Cut out the print outs so they can be used as stencils (I used an xacto knife to do this). Then use scissors to cut all the letters apart so that they are easy to arrange.

Step 3: Arrange the Stencil Letters on Your Shirt.

  Arrange the stencil letters on your shirt.

Step 4: Start Painting

Use the sponge and the Non-Glow in the dark paint, to fill in the letters that you don't want to glow.

Step 5: Paint With Glowing Paint!

Now use the Glow in the Dark paint to paint in the rest of the letters (your hidden message that you want to glow in the dark.)

Step 6: Time to Dry!

Let your finished shirt dry.

Step 7: Woo You're Done!

Admire your finished product (it might take a few hour of "charging" under a bright light, before your shirt glows very bright)



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    true lol
    and you should try mint
    it's pretty good, albeit a little slow relating to ubuntu release updates (I mean entire version updates here, not just for single programs)

    I've tried it before and I've always liked the themes - very slick and smooth. I'll burn a live image today and give it a go again :)
    Now, please, nobody start a flamewar over this, but Ubuntu IS still Linux, although I do admit it's trying to be the most mac- and win-like of the lot - maybe I should be switching over to mint or debian or something :)

    You should have secret "I love Ubuntu" on linux convention :D

    If you love it so much stop using bad distribution (_8(|)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be a great idea to use for patriotic-themed T-shirts!