Take Apart Computer Harddrives and Make a Cool Necklace

Introduction: Take Apart Computer Harddrives and Make a Cool Necklace

Taking apart a computer hard drive 101!

I made this at TechShop Chandler, AZ. Check it out  at http://techshop.ws

Materials needed:
1 - A hard drive.
2 - A length of pull chain. (I got mine from Ace Hardware. Its is almost 2' long and is stainless steel. It is #13 size.)
3 - An end for the pull chain. (Same size and material.)

Tools needed:
1 - A flat blade screwdriver for prying.
2 - A pair of needle nose pliers.
3 - A T9, T8, and T7 torx bit for screws.

    Remove all screws on exterior of hard drive. Make sure to check under the labels and stickers. You'll be presented with something similar to Picture 2. In the top left corner, of my hard drive (yours may be in a different corner), is a magnet. Use the flat blade screwdriver to get underneath this and pry upwards. This will pull the magnet out of the shell. It's powerful, so pry hard! Most everything will be snap in or press in, so you will for the most part be able to remove everything easily. The shiny discs are what your memory is stored on. It will be screwed onto that little aluminum disc in the center. Once you remove those screws, the discs will be able to be lifted out easily. Each disc will be separated by a wheel, but don't worry, it lifts out as well. Once you have all the parts removed all there is left to do is take the top disc that held down the memory discs, sling the pull chain through it, and put it around your neck! And voila! You now have a, slightly, one of a kind necklace that looks like a piece of a futuristic technology!

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