Take Awesome Macro Photos With Your Camera Phone and a Swiss Army Knife

Introduction: Take Awesome Macro Photos With Your Camera Phone and a Swiss Army Knife

Impress your friends taking cool macro-photos using a camera phone and a swiss army knife with a magnifying glass.

Step 1: What You Need

Nothing much

- camera phone
- swiss army knife with a magnifying glass

I use my SonyEricsson k750i for a phone and an army knife that was once given to me by my dear collegues as a birthday present. Somehow these two seem to fit perfectly together.

Step 2: ...so

Just put the magnifying glass in front of the camera lens...

Step 3: ...and Voila!

Start taking breath-taking imagery! Neat :)

Don't forget to brag to your friends.



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    THE NOKIA N95 CAN TAKE MACRO PHOTOS WITHOUT ANY LENS.LOOK THE VIDEO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDwk_nN765k

    Macro is used to describe photos taken with a very short focus, so you can take pictures of very small objects. Normal digital cameras only focus down to maybe 20cm when not in macro mode, hence the many blurry pictures of tiny electronic things. Phone cameras are the worst offenders as they have fixed-focus at a distance of a few metres, so blur horribly when used for close-ups. I think there should be a mandatory "how to take macro photos" instructable before posting photos, but then I'm a camera nazi :P

    my camera has macro mode, or somethign like that, that even allows you to zoom(like with the zoom button) to something like the tip of a pen. cost like, $400. worth it though. :]

    This just sums up the beauty of Instructables. Making magic out of the commonplace. Good one!

    U can see close-up photos on photos.smolda.name there is something about macro photos.U can translate it thanks google dictionary

    this is awesome! a friend of mine got me into some of this. also try using peepholes from doors, which give a kinda macro/fisheye effect. or better yet, take shots through a telescope. really cool stuff. (PS Binnie: macro is a picture taken at super close-up)

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    There's one drawback to the peephole macro: The door is kind of heavy to carry around. ;) I just found this link on an old post at Strobist. This is very helpful - thanks for posting!

    Cool !
    That's wonderful :)

    I tried using binoculars with my camera phone when the Beach Boys came to Oahu (yes, Im from Hawaii). Very blurry, but the pictures were always blurry, so...