Taking Apart a Computer

Introduction: Taking Apart a Computer

To start off this project, you must unscrew the side panels. Once you unscrew the side panels you can start working on taking apart the inside

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Step 1:

After the side panels are removed, you unplug all the power cables.

Step 2:

Take out the power supply by unscrewing the side screws.

Step 3:

Pull out data cables completely, unplug.

Step 4:

Removed CPU cooling unit.

Step 5:

Remove CPU. Looks like a small chip.

Step 6:

Remove ram stick.

Step 7:

Take out both video cards.

Step 8:

Remove internet card.

Step 9:

This is everything that has been taken out so far.

Step 10:

Unscrewed the second side panel. Took out floppy disc reader and hard drive..

Step 11:

Took out the speaker.

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    Nice tutorial. Could you share a little more detail about each step. Many people are unfamiliar with the internal layout of a computer.