Taking Care of a Dogs Torn Toenail



Introduction: Taking Care of a Dogs Torn Toenail

Sometimes your pet can get a torn toenail by catching their nail on the carpet, their gate, or other places. This will be very painful for them since they break their nail and expose their quick. The quick is the pink colored area in the nail where the nerve and blood vessels are. When this occurs it is important to take them to the hospital or clinic in order to cut the nail and bandage it. Below is an instructable on how the veterinarian technician would help your pet!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Prepare for the procedure.

1. Nail clippers

2. Gauze with KwikStop on it

3. Stretchy gauze

4.Vet wrap

Step 2: Clip the Other Nails

Clip the other nails to ensure that they will not get caught onto things in the future.

Cut until you can see a little black dot which indicates the quick.

Step 3: Access the Torn Toenail

Get a good grasp of what you need to cut. Cut where the nail is torn

Step 4: Clip the Torn Toenail

Step 5: Put the Gauze With the Kwikstop on the Nail

Step 6: Wrap the Foot With the Stretchy Gauze

Start at the bottom of the paw and wrap up and around the area.

Wrap about halfway up the leg.

Step 7: Apply the Vet Wrap

This goes over the stretchy gauze.

Step 8: Provide Your Dog With an Ecollar

This will prevent them from chewing at their bandage

Step 9: Antibiotics and Pain Medication

The medication will help with pain and prevention of infection

Step 10: Take Off the Bandage in 1 Day

Do not take off the bandage on carpet! The kwikstop inside the bandage can stain your carpet.

Step 11: Look at the Toenail, If You Have Any Concerns Contact Your Doctor

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