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I hope that this class has left you feeling informed and inspired! It was my intention in these lessons, to not only direct you through the step by step process of making leather projects, but, more importantly, to empower you to come up with your own ideas. I wanted to expose you to the tools, materials and techniques that will help you move forward, but I intentionally left our projects fairly open ended to put some of the aesthetic control in your hands. I'm sure you've come up with some interesting variations on my designs, and I can't wait to see them!

I also designed this class with the hope of demonstrating that working with leather can be easy! Leatherwork is undoubtedly a complex art, and we've really only scratched the surface here, but look what we've been able to create with just a few simple techniques!

The best way to internalize any skill is to keep practicing it, so I highly recommend finding another project to work on soon. Instructables is full great leatherworking projects that will give you even more inspiration. Some of these projects use veg tanned leather and a few skills we haven't covered here, like dying, burnishing and tooling. If you aren't ready to tackle these new skills, or you don't have the right supplies, you can often adapt these projects for chrome tanned leather by choosing the right weight of leather and simply eliminating the dying and tooling portion of the project.

I've assembled a collection of projects that I think your newly acquired skills will make you well prepared for. They are arranged at the bottom of this page page in order from extremely easy to quite challenging.

I really hope you've enjoyed this class! feel free to ask questions in the discussion section. If you have comments, feedback, or want to share resources you've discovered, please send me a private message via my member page. Please share photos of your projects here, and if you keep creating with leather or any material, I encourage you to publish you projects as Instructables and enter them in Instructables contests! I can't wait to see what you create!



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