Taking Macro Photo's of Flowers

Introduction: Taking Macro Photo's of Flowers

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How to take good quality macro photo's
i will mainly be talking about flowers but this method applies to most macro image taking

Step 1: Equipment Needed

you will need the following
a camera (duh)
a tripod (quite helpful)
steady hands (very important)
ability to put the images onto your computer for the world to see through flickr (optional)

Step 2: How to Do It

first make sure your camera is on macro mode( the icon usually looks like a flower)

-proceeding to the photo taking:
- make sure that flash is turned off as it will screw with your pictures, sometimes you are able to get away with using slow-syncro if the settings permit this.
-take your camera and center the viewfinder on your subject trying not to use the zoom function as this fuzzes your image, but if you must don't exceed around 2.5x.
-holding down the shutter button on most cameras auto-focuses the camera and them depress the rest of the way to take your macro image.

with a little practice you will be producing beautiful images in no time

Step 3: Gimpifying

gimp is a free program similar to photoshop but without the outrageous price

using hue and saturation under the color menu allows you to change to image color as i did in the example.

this will mess with the background color slightly as nothing is perfect, except ME



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    - only digital zoom Fuzzes" ( blurs) your image - flash can be useful, as it removes shadows , but make sure you use fill flash.

     Here's my Macro shots using a Nikon Coolpix L19. The shot was done outside and the flash is switched off.


    I can't vote for you in the flower contest because this instructable is entered in the Photojojo contest which is currently being judged. Uh oh.. I found a bug.

    3 replies

    in the gimp step it is in the others i have no idea what that flower is but i'll ask my mom

    thanks, my camera is a 2007 panasonic DMC-TZ3 i was trying to convince my dad to get a dslr but he wouldn't

    Damn you! i was going to make this, but you beat me to it, lol congratulations though, and nice instructable :D

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    "make sure that flash is turned on or set on automatic if there is not enough light on already." NO! nononononono, flash ruins ALL pictures, and flashed flower picture would be un-usable and unless you're a professional, a tripod is more constricting than necessary. are you shooting flowers indoors?! go outside during a sunny day "trying not to use the zoom function as this fuzzes your image." you might have to take a couple steps back, but I prefer a little zoom, because it will blur the background more. (with the same F) if you have to shoot in low light, use a tripod, if you don't have a big enough tripod, use no flash, high iso, 2 second timer, and when the camera is about to shoot, very slowly sweep the camera in one direction to avoid hand gidders. you shouldn't have to up the contrast so much, even if you don't have manual controls, you should be able to up the exposure a little, and put it in "vivid" mode or something. then go back, in gimp, and sharpen it a little, and use some curves and levels equivalent. and I don't like that tripod from DX, it always falls over

    3 replies

    for the flash comment i am usually shooting outside so it is off but inside i use slow syncro for partial illumination i disagree with the zoom comment as i prefer just the flower in the image i don't like the tripod either and i will add you as a collaborator since you seem to know your fair share of information.

    sometimes you can have only the flower framed, with some zoom. I like close up shots too. thanks for that, but I don't know what i'll change /:

    i like most images real close up and find that zoom screws with them in a way i dislike