Taking Paper Mache Further

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Now that you've seen some of the possibilities of this simple medium, I'm sure you're ready to take on even more awesome projects! We've only scratched the surface here, but I hope you can see how you might use the techniques I've introduced to create a lot of other amazing things. As you advance your paper mache skills, the tools and materials mostly stay the same, what will take your creations to the next level is learning to use these simple materials in unique and innovative ways. You need look no further than our amazing Instructables users to find some really inspiring projects!

The basic flour and water and armature techniques we learned in the second lesson can be used to create a lot more than just piñatas. Check out how unexpired uses a simple balloon armature and some fancy cutting to create this awesome Headless Horsewoman Costume. You can even add some glowing lights like VonRainbowpants did in this amazing Lady Anglerfish Helmet project!

Learn a new recipe for paper mache clay and some awesomely creepy mask sculpting techniques with this Beetlejuice-BeetleSnake Mask by AndersS6.

Like making home decor? You can even use paper mache to make furniture! Check out this Instructable on making a Paper Mache Side Table by rocketsurgery.

And if you want to see how to start combining the techniques we've learned to create some really large and complex sculptural forms, check out this Lizard Man Paper Mache Instructable by drdorward.

Though some of these pieces may seem a bit complex, you've learned all the fundamental skills you'll need to tackle these projects, or even invent something totally new and unique to you! Paper mache is so a forgiving and inexpensive, it's a great material to experiment with. Go crazy! Make something amazing! And when you do, make sure you share it by writing an Instructable :)

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