Taking Your Cat to the Vet!

Introduction: Taking Your Cat to the Vet!

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Lets face it. You have to take your kitten to the vet at some point. And it ain't a easy task. I have been through this. Read on to have a worry free trip to the vet!

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Step 1: Getting Your Cat in the Pet Carrier

This is one of the hardest parts of the journey. Get the pet carrier out in a nice calm place. Coax your cat to come to you with treats, setting a very calm air, since if you are rough and panic, cats also feel this. Put your cats blanket or small bed in the carrier, giving your cat something familiar to calm down with. Put treats into the carrier, but make sure your cat hasn't eaten heaps before you get it in, because cat sickness is possible. Put a small pole of treats in, and your cat will slowly investigate. This may take time. When your cat is close enough, gently put it in and close the lid

Step 2: Going in the Car

Forgot to mention this in step one!!! Remember to put a sheet of newspaper in as the floor if you have a carsick cat. My cat hated being put in the carrier and scratched the carrier until his claws broke. Try stroking your cat and its best to not start the car until your cat has calmed.Your cat may meow. Going in the car is stressful for cats so make sure your cat has not too much attention since then it stresses more.

Step 3: At the Vet!

Finally! You made it! Praise your cat! If it has been sick or looks scared be very gentle and kind to it.

Step 4: Thanks!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the bad photos!

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