Taking Your Paper Snowflakes to the Next Level




Psaligraphy is the art of paper cutting. Snowflakes are the most accessible form of psaligraphy. Most people have made snowflakes in their life. I love the art of snowflakes. I have been cutting snowflakes since I was four. I cut snowflakes for every holiday and many in between. I hope this instructable helps takes your snowflakes to the next level.

Step 1: Supply List.

The supplies you need for this project are:

1. Paper

2. Scissors

3. Pencil

Step 2: Selecting Your Paper.

You can use almost any kind of paper, but my preference is a thin, strong paper. I primarily use butcher paper, the kind that comes on rolls. I like the feel of the paper besides how thin and strong it is. I also commonly use printer paper or tissue paper. You can also use origami paper. I have used wrapping paper, but it isn't very strong, so you have to be very gentle with the end result. Tissue paper is much stronger than you would think, but again since it is so thin, you have to be very careful when opening the snowflake. I wouldn't recommend toilet paper or paper towels, but you never know, they might work fine. The paper the comes in shipping boxes is perfect since it is thin and strong, but isn't usually white. Saran wrap just doesn't work, sorry. I wouldn't use construction paper either since it is so thick.

To sum it up:

1. Use thin, strong paper.

2. Use paper you like the feel of.

3. Most importantly, use paper you have around the house.

Step 3: Folding a 12 Sided Snowflake in Preparation for Cutting.

I like a twelve fold (remember thin paper), but if you are using copy paper, doing a six fold is easier to cut.

12 fold. This is easier to fold and more layers to cut.

1. Fold paper in half.

2. Fold in half again. This creates quarters.

3. Fold one edge half way into the paper. You could use a ruler for this step but it will become easier the more you do it.

4. Turn the paper over.

5. Fold the other edge making both sides even.

6. Adjust if necessary.

7. Cut corner to corner to make the end of the snowflake even.

Step 4: Folding a Six Sided Snowflake in Preparation for Cutting.

6 fold. This is easier to cut, but slighter harder to fold accurately.

1. fold paper in half.

2. Mark the half way point by folding and creasing the edge of the first fold.

3. From the center mark, fold one edge so that the edge fold is equal distance from the two new edges (see picture).

4. Turn the paper over.

5. Fold the other edge making both sides even.

6. Adjust if necessary.

7. Cut corner to corner to make the end even.

Step 5: Drawing the Flower Snowflake.

This is a fun part. The most important thing to keep in mind is that when you are cutting, you need take out a lot of paper and leave the outline of each shape. (See photos)


1. Draw a "v" in at the center point.

2. Draw lines as shown in picture.

Step 6: Examples of Other Snowflake Drawings.

1. Draw half the shape you want on the snowflake with a folded edge at the center of the shape.

2. Draw patterns around it all starting from one of the folded edges of the snowflake.

Step 7: Cut.

This step is just what it sounds like.

1. Cut along your drawn lines.

2. Instead of cutting all the way to the corner, get very close and carefully rotate the piece until it comes out.

our lines being careful not to cut through the thin strips of paper that you are leaving.


1. Cut at the base of your scissors. You have more control.

2. Instead of cutting all the way to the corner, get very close and carefully rotate the piece until it comes out.

3. Hold the paper tightly so that your layers don't move.

4. Cut a lot of paper out of your snowflake. They are a lot more detailed with less paper.

Step 8: Unfold.

Carefully unfold your snowflake. A folded snowflake is a lot more delicate than an unfolded snowflake.


If you love it, hang it up or put it in a window. If you want to preserve it, carefully glue it onto a contrasting piece of paper starting from the center.

If you hate it, throw it away. These are fast to make and the more you make the better you will like them.

Happy Cutting.



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6 Discussions


Tip 1 year ago on Step 8

To remove the creases, you can iron these between 2 pieces of wax paper. This will also make them a little more rigid. Sprinkle in some bits of shaved crayon inside the wax paper for a special effect.

1 reply

1 year ago on Step 1

Very nice! Thanks for the butcher paper suggestion. Since I retired I've worked in an elementary school. Once I remembered how to fold the paper I began cutting out snowflakes and putting the still folded paper in my pocket. When I find a little one whose behavior needs rewarding I pull out the snowflake and give it to them. It is so fun to watch their eyes as they unfold!

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

What a great idea. I bet the children love unfolding the snowflakes. My daughter says that is the best part. Happy cutting.


Reply 1 year ago

He was amazing. He made his cut outs while telling stories. It is an ancient art form. Thank you for your insight.