Taking Apart Old IPhone and Putting It Back Together FAIL

Introduction: Taking Apart Old IPhone and Putting It Back Together FAIL

In this instructable I will be taking apart an old iPhone 3gs and trying to put it back together.

Step 1: Taking It Apart

First i tried unscrewing it but that didn't work to well because it would come undone and my screwdriver was to big so i said screw it and busted it open from the side

Step 2: Iphone Complete Taking Apart

Then after a long and frustrating time I literally dismantled the whole phone and took apart the battery,screen,screen cover,and other metals and such.After all the dismantling and unscrewing this is what the parts look like.

Step 3: Efforts in Trying to Put It Back Together

After I took everything apart i tried my best to put it back together but after all my effort and screwing stuff back together only lead me her as you can see the iPhone is still practically in half.

Step 4: Conclusion

After my best efforts these were the results as you can see i failed pretty bad at taking it apart efficiently and putting it back efficiently



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    2 replies

    hi Szymon, so what have you done with the iPhone since your failed repair attempt

    I put all of the pieces in a plastic bag and then placed it in in a storage bin in my room

    If I attempted to fix my phone, my results would probably be very similar.

    1 reply

    Yeah i had a feeling the result would not be good so i did to my old old phone not my current one