Talkbox Without Tube!




Introduction: Talkbox Without Tube!

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I watched a YouTube video one day about how you could get the talkbox sound with headphones and a computer. This is very cool. Things you'll need: Earbuds/Apple headphones (Can't use the ones that wrap around your head unless you have a huge mouth) A computer with Internet access A jaw

Step 1:

Put your headphones in.

Step 2:

Go to

Step 3: How It Works

Place the earphones together like the picture above and place them in your jaw and use the synth and mouth words without actually talking as you play it. Hope this helps! ;) And don't forget to turn the volume on your computer all the way up!



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    #rimar2000 You can also use the google moog synthesizer

    Link redirects to

    Could you put a video or MP3?

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