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In this instructables we will learn how to play a mp3 file with arduino without using any audio module, here we gonna use PCM library for Arduino which plays 16 bit PCM of 8kHZ frequency so lets do this.

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Step 1: Gather Your Components






so in order to do this we need a few components very firat An Arduino & then a speaker 0.5w to 10 w any speaker will do the job then you need to buy a transistor for amplification if your speaker is higher than 0.5w as mine was 3 w so i used a TIP 120 transistor dor amplifying the audio you can use any audio amplifier too.

Buying links. -

Items to Buy (affiliate link) -

Arduino Uno-

Speaker -

TIP 120 transistor -

Step 2: Connections

The connections are really simple if you are using 0.5watt speaker then directly connect the +ve pin of speaker to digital pin 11 on Arduino & -ve pin of speaker to gnd & if using 3 watt speaker then use a tip120 transistor & connect the 11 of Arduino to the base of transistor and -ve pin of speaker to the collector of the transistor & emitter of the transistor to the gnd pin on Arduino.

IIf having issues with connection refer video for help.

Step 3: Download Required Files

To do this you will need few files first of all file to play PCM audio from arduino.

ThEN we will need Audacity software to convert a normal mp3 audio to a 16bit PCM 8hkz audio

& Lastly we need a encoder software to encode that audio into data which we can paste in the code.

DOWNLOAD Audacity -

Download PCM.ZIP & Encoder software (file named as Arduino -

Step 4: Prepare Audio & Convert It Into Data

the important step is to prepare the audio very first we will need a mp3 file either you record one or get one from anywhere then open that file into Audacity and & click on format then select 16 bit pcm then go down & select frequency of audio to 8000hz & export the audio as mp3.

Then open encode audio software & navigate to the audio file we generated froma audacity then you'll get a message audio copied to clipboard successfully.

Step 5: Coding Part

so the next part is coding part , so as you downloaded the the Arduin file which contains file so add this file as a library to the arduino & then open the playback example available in the that PCM library , & there in the sketch you have to edit the 2nd line of code in sample[] arrray which is of programem type you need to remove all the data in that aray & paste the data which is copied to the clipboard by the encode audio software.

Step 6: Upload the Code

so finally our code is ready so upload it to the arduino & you'll hear your recorded audio from speaker , enjoy it & if you have any issues or want to about this in deep just refer the video provided.

Thank you.

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    10 Discussions

    Grumpy Mike

    2 months ago

    Why have you no resistor in the base of the transistor? As you have it you are drawing too much current from the Arduino pin and it is being damaged. Eventually this pin will fail and will not work anymore. It will not instantly stop working but over time it will.


    3 months ago on Step 6

    I didn't open the encode audio.exe file.
    It shows an error javaw.exe were not found ,how I encode audio..?


    Question 5 months ago on Step 5

    Hi ,
    I am fallowing all your steps and I have generated the custom encoded data and pasted in the array.
    But I am not getting the audio out put due to that new data.

    i want to play the sound like "OUMM".



    5 months ago

    can you please give instructions to connect a pot


    5 months ago

    how do i control volume?


    6 months ago

    nice work!!! what difference is if i use arduino mega 2560? because dont work


    Question 8 months ago

    trying to hook up with a mega 2560 what hz does the tone need to be when i convert it and also i got it working basic with an uno. using more code like sensors and motors i couldn't get the speaker to work please help :)