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This project will do our talking robot with artificial intelligence-based Arduino.
Than in our previous project we made our robot we checked into the phone's voice command.

You can see it here.

This project that we develop our robot, voice commands will send the phone the same way again, it will give us a voice response. This way, your robot will speak to you.

You can also educational robot for kids. For example, integrated robot that detects whether color can color an educational robot for kids, saying it out loud.

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Step 1: Materials:

  • Arduino Mega
  • Hc-06 Bluetooth Module
  • L293b Motor Driver
  • servo-motor
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • speaker
  • Wtv-020 MP3 module
  • SD card
  • battery

You can get our robot kits for part of the chassis or toy robot can use the chassis and engine of the car.

In addition to our practice here we will make our voice commands to control the robot project, we add the voice answering feature. For example, we go forward in response to our robot 'going forward' he could say the name or the answer we say 'my name robie to' could say. You can download the audio file you want to modify that answer.

Step 2: Electronic Parts

Wtv020 available in SD card reader module.

AD4 module supports the file format. Before making the file extension .wav audio files then turn the AD4 format. To turn the AD4 wtv020 can look at the article to use mp3 format module.

Step 3: Software Part:

The names of audio files must be in the form of numbers.The name of each file in the example software are numbered.

More Information and Arduino Code:

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7 months ago

sir can you kindly tell me that I can use my adafruit motor driver shield for controlling the dc motors. if yes can you send me the code

sunil vijaya

1 year ago

maybe this response is a bit too late! AI means acquiring knowledge, skills, solving problems, above all live intelligent chat with storage (memory). using the term AI is inappropriate to a project of this nature.

1 reply
sunil vijayasunil vijaya

Reply 1 year ago

I used easyVR module and that too was just a command and response module no where near AI !!!!!


2 years ago

Can i use WTV020SD-16P for my ultrasonic sensor? Im building a blind stick.

If the left sensor senses an obstacle, it will tell GO RIGHT.

And if it detects an obstacle on the right sensor, it will tell GO LEFT.


3 years ago

When send command to detect obstacle it detect obstacle and stop but I want it to run all time and detect obstacles. Please suggest to change in code.


3 years ago

For another project that shows how to implement a simple artificial intelligence algorithm, take a look at the video tutorials I've created for making a maze solving mouse:


3 years ago

you were using which speakable device to give commands to your robot, it was bluetooth enabled microphone or android phone?