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Introduction: 'Talking' Sock Puppet

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This sock puppet makes sound when you open its mouth. It is a quick project for a rainy day and is a great way to use up old musical cards instead of throwing them out.

I’m working on making an updated version with a card that you can record your own sound into. It would be fun to place the record button in the puppet’s ear and maybe have some light up eyes too.

Here's a video of it in action: Talking Sock Puppet

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
  • A card with musical/sound chip
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle and Thread
  • Felt
  • Sock
  • Buttons (optional)

Step 2: Get the 'guts'

Open the card to reveal the circuit board, speaker, and switch.

Cut along the card fold around the board and mechanism to make a mouth shape. Detach the speaker from the card back (it should just be glued on).

Click here for  a quick video of how the switch works.

Step 3: Cut the Felt

Cut two pieces of felt, one for each side of the mouth. These two pieces will add some padding and protect the circuit.

Cut a slit up in one of the felt pieces and slide the speaker wires through, then sew or hot glue the felt onto the card. Use some hot glue to keep the speaker in place on the felt.

Be careful not to block the hinge mechanism on the card when you attach the felt.

Optional: cut & sew another piece of felt to cover the speaker and add extra padding to the mouth. Save for later.

Step 4: Make the Puppet Body

Cut off the end of your sock (in this case I had a knee sock so I cut off the foot part and just used the long end). Then cut a slit in the sides to make the mouth. You can use your felt mouth to trace and line up the edges on the sock. This will give you a good fit when you start sewing.

Step 5: Sew in the Mouth

Insert your felt mouth piece into the sock body and sew in place. I folded over the edges so that the sock fabric would keep from unraveling.

Add the extra piece of felt you cut earlier if you want to hide the speaker and give it a nice clean look.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Use felt, buttons, or thread to add some fun facial features and make your puppet unique.

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    4 months ago

    great idea. What circuit did you use that allowed you to record and play back your own sounds?