Tall Wastebasket Made From Wood Paint Stirrers

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Tall wastebasket made of wood quart paint stirrers.
About 21 inches tall.

1. Quart paint stirrers
2. Wood glue and construction adhesive.
3. Caulk Gun

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Step 1: Build Up Bottom of Wastebasket

1. Lay down about 7 paint stirrers.
2. Glue 2 paint stirrers across the 7 that were already laid down to attach them together.
3. Glue 2 more paint stirrers to connect the previous 2 and repeat to build up the walls of the wastebasket.

Step 2: Fill in With Construction Adhesive

1. When you get to about 21 inches, use the construction adhesive to fill in the gaps on all four corners of the wastebasket.
2. This will also make it stronger and a little heavier.
3. Place a plastic bag into the wastebasket. A tall wastebasket is a little easier to throw paper and tissues into.

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