Tampa Hackerspace Robot Operation Style Game Using Chibitronics




Introduction: Tampa Hackerspace Robot Operation Style Game Using Chibitronics

Love the game Operation when you were a kid (or even now)? Ever want to make your own, but with a robot instead? We'll show you how, with using a Chibitronics kit.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

- 2 x wooden boards

- Alligator clips

- Tweezers

- 1 x floral foam board the same size as the wooden boards (about 1 inch thick)

- A lasercutter (or you can try cutting with a dremel or other hand saw)

- Binder clips

- Chibitronics Copper Tape

- Chibitronics LED stickers (white and red)

- 2032 Battery

- Blinking LED sticker

- X-acto knife

- 100K Ohm Resistor

Step 2: Draw and Cut Out Your Design

Take the board and draw out your design. Figure out where you want to have the pieces you will pull out and draw them into the shape of the robot / human / whatever you want.

Next, cut out holes where you will have the pieces to pull out. You need to do this on the top board and the floral foam but leave the bottom board alone since it will be the base where the pieces lay. Use basic shapes for this part, like circles, triangles, squares, and so on.

Take some scrap wood from the pieces you cut (or get some extra) and create small items to be pulled from the openings. For example, we made gears to put in the robots holes.

**Drawing is now attached, and was used for the Laser Cutter**

Step 3: Tape Up the Top Board to Create the Circuit Paths

Using the copper tape, you now need to connect every single hole to create an "almost" complete path around the entire underside of the top board. Make sure to place copper tape around each of the insides of the hole as well.

The paths should all run to the top of the board where you will put one of the paths to the bottom of the battery.

The other path that comes to the top of the board will connect to the Blink sticker as well as the white and red LED stickers. Follow the image included to ensure you leave paths where you will connect the battery (remember to use the binder clip) and the alligator clip. The circuit is such that the White LED is always blinking, but the Red will light up as soon as the side is accidentally touched.

Step 4: Add the Pieces

Drop in the pieces you cut out of the board. Make sure to put the pieces so that they can be removed using tweezers, but not too easily.

Step 5: Play Time

Take the tweezer and try to remove the

The LED will always be white... until you touch the side, then it'll go red. If that happens, drop the piece and start back over.

Feel free to experiment with smaller holes, larger pieces, etc. to create yourself a unique challenge.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I'd love to see the process of how you made your 'patient'. It's such a fun idea!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Working on getting the file that was created in Blender which we used to laser cut it.

    Edwin Da Freak
    Edwin Da Freak

    5 years ago

    Hey there. Is there a Hacker Space in Tampa ?? Let me know. Thanks.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sure is. Check us out at http://tampahackerspace.com and stop by for an Open Make night.