Tampon Launcher!

We are members of H Entry, a part of MacGregor House, an MIT dormitory.
And here is our Tampon Launcher!

(It shoots other things, too. Our second favorite is ketchup packets, that act as red paintballs!)

Materials needed:
-Wide diameter PVC pipe, for main pressure chamber.
-Endcap for this pressure chamber.
-Reducers to go from from wide diameter PVC to 3/4" male threads
-Components from female 3/4" to 3/4" pipe
-Schrader valve
-2 Electronic Sprinkler Valves
-Washing Machine Hose
-2 Hoseclamps
-2 Electronic switches (either trigger or on/off switches. Trigger is preferred.)
-2 9-Volt batteries
-Soldering materials/electrical tape
-PVC cement and primer
-3/4 inch PVC for barrel
-Other various PVC to create a larger second chamber and "pistol grip".
-Duct tape to hold down electronic components and make a strap for the main pressure chamber
-Drilling materials

1. Drill a hole into the side the main pressure chamber and attach the Schrader Valve.
2. cement the endcap, reducers and male threaded piece onto the main pressure chamber.
3. Screw the pressure chamber into one sprinkler valve.
4. Take the 3/4" barrel and Screw it to the other sprinkler valve.
5. On the other side of the sprinkler valve, make your pistol grip and extra handles. This is the "gun" part of your tampon launcher.
6. Screw on 3/4" pipe into the free ends of both sprinkler valves.
7. Use the Washing Machine Hose to attach the "gun" to the "reservoir backpack". Use the hose clamps to assure everything is connected airtight.
8. Now, using the wiring and placement diagram, wire together your valves, batteries (in series), and switches. The "trigger finger" switch should activate the frontmost valve, and the extra switch should activate the valve from the backpack reservoir.
9. Attach the buttons and battery to the gun and you're good to go.

1. Fill her up with an air compressor or bike pump. 60-80 PSI works for us, though it may depend on how good your cement job and hose clamps are.
2. Detach the compressor device.
3. Ensure the trigger valve is closed by activating it. (You should use a spring loaded switch that's off normally and activates when pressed.)
4. Activate, and then deactivate the backpack sprinkler valve. This may discharge some air through the barrel.
5. The secondary reservoir is now pressurized. Insert your menstruation-fighting ammunition.
6. Aim and fire.
7. Repeat from step 4. It should work like a shotgun. Trigger. Backpack switch. Trigger. Backpack switch.
8. This should give 5-10 shots before you run out of air in your primary pressure reservoir. Just reload air (step 1) and keep going.
9. Be sure not to leave your sprinkler valves open, this drains battery life!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Danger: See link: This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.

    See the pictures and never use PVC to hold air, Please.



    5 years ago

    Stay classy, MIT.


    I can't help but think of those T-shirt launchers. This may be better suited for, say, a Justin Bieber concert.