Tandem Equivalent - Make Any Two Bikes Into a Tandem





Introduction: Tandem Equivalent - Make Any Two Bikes Into a Tandem

This video explains what a Tandem Equivalent is, and how to make one. The materials should cost less than $50 and the project should take less than an hour.

The Materials are:

- A piece of tubing about 5 feet, or 1.5 meters

- Two straps

- Two bicycles

The Tools you'll need are:

- A power or hand drill

- A drill bit about one inch, or 2.5 cm. in diameter. A hole saw is best.

- A saw. A hand hack saw is best.



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    Hi Dan, thanks for your idea and detailed explanation. I would like to connect three or more bicycles to a tandem. Do you think tandem equivalent would work in this situation?

    Sorry about this, but this isn't a tandem, is just a stick that holds two bikes. A tandem will require some kind of rigid union between two frames (welding, clamping, bolting...) to work together. And in my opinion, $50 is too much for a piece of tube, really.

    I don't really see this being particularly useful or popular with cyclists. Interesting, but ultimately a gimmick product.

    A lot of bikes have quick release bolts on the seat post. For the front bike threading the seat post directly through the pole might work reasonably well.

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    Thanks for your suggestion Titch. I like your hair style.

    I think you're saying that if the tandem equivalent would be better if it had a vertical hole that the front seat post would be threaded through, instead of two slots and a strap.

    An advantage of your suggestion is that it might be faster to release the seat post and thread it through the hole as compared to threading and fastening the straps. On the other hand, a benefit of the current design is that it has give in it. For example if the two bikes are parked, resting on their kick stands, and one falls over, the strap generally has enough give so nothing breaks whereas your vertical hole solution might well result in a broken tandem equivalent pole.

    No photos? no instructions? No mesurements? Only video?
    That isn't an Instructable... :(


    2 years ago

    No instructions?