IPhone Earphones Zap Solution

Introduction: IPhone Earphones Zap Solution

About: Electronics hobbyist and a DIYer and i love doing this stuff.

See step 1 to 6 on how to make your own Earphone organiser...light & easy to make.

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Step 1: Earphones Tangle Solution

Im sure,.that there are lot of DIY projects like this.& they were all effective when it comes to solving this common problem " tangling earphones cords"...& Finding your beloved earphones in tangles, means so much Hassle.,it consume us a minute or two or somtimes more time just to untangle your Earphones.I been using my DIY earphones solution i made on 2012...& it's about time for me to make another one.,

Step 2: Materials/Tools Needed

Materials. & tools needed
X-Acto knife
E.V.A Foam ( optional only)
or Plastic Cards

Office Punchers

It's only an option to follow the layout pattern i showed in the image.But thats how i do my project here.,Not only to be an Effective Project but also be pleasant to anyone who would see it.

Step 3: Cutting

I used foam first,.for me it's the best material to use for this kind of project.Not only it's easy to cut.,it's very flexible & durable...but careful,.it deforms easily when heated.
Cut accordingly to the layout design attached on previous step..or disregard the measurement i showed & just look in the image & copy it ..

Step 4: How It Works

Simply by looking in the images here,surely anyone can do this without steps to follow.

Step 5: Plastic Cards Version

Same steps & layout but i just added ttwo small holes that would fit my other spare earphones.
To cut the Oblong shape earphone hole., Just make a small whole first by using Puncher. Then cut the rest of the Oblong shape by scissors.The four small holes are just punch using office punchers.
To make it more presentable,.give it some nice spray paint,.

Step 6: Plastic Card or Foam?

Materials varies on the maker & it's availabilty.,Old plastic cards are the most available material which anyone can find.Foam is the easiest way for this project.i made it in just 10 minutes.,

Step 7: Why I Made This Project?

Because my DIY i made in 2012 breaks...i used plastic card here.,,im not saying that plastic cards arent durable,.but it' s weak design caused it to break easily... But i think two yrs of using it... It's worth enough...
With respect to the designers.this was only an
Adaptation project from echoalex.
With few minor modifications,.that would fit my Earphones & tools / materials availabilty...attached picture here was the concept adapted for this project.

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