Tangle Proof Earbud Tie





Introduction: Tangle Proof Earbud Tie

As anyone who has ever used earbuds before knows, they will tangle. Inevitably. And once they're set, they'll be like that for a while. Especially if you put them in your pockets.

Well, no longer. With this quick and easy-to-do tangle proof knot, you could carry your buds for any distance in any container, and you would still be able to pull them out untangled in no time.

Step 1: Get Ready to Rock!

Extend your index and pinkie fingers out as shown above. Hold the buds between your thumb and your index finger on your non dominant hand. The trailing end of the earbuds (the end with the plug) should fall behind the pinkie.

Step 2: Start Wrapping

Pull the trailing end of the buds around your pinkie to the front. Then, wrap them first around the back of your index finger, then to the front. It should look like a figure eight.

Step 3: Finish Wrapping

Keep doing step 2 until you have about 5-10 inches left.

Step 4: Wrappings Part 3

Once you reach step 3, begin winding the remaining cord around the middle of the figure eight you just made. Make sure it is REALLY tight. It may be a bit difficult at first, but it will get easier with practice. Keep doing this until you have about an inch and a half to two inches left.

Step 5: Tying Off the Knot

With the remaining Cord tight around the figure eight, (very) carefully remove your pinkie from its loop. Stick what's left of the trailing end of the cord through this loop, and pull it tight.

Step 6: Unraveling for Use

For some reason, some weirdos actually want to use their earbuds. Their reason why escapes me. But people complained so here it is. To unravel the (tidy) knot you hopefully just made, simply undo step 5, then pull on either end of the cord. And there you go!

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2 years ago

Great for travelling!!!

I don't think it's very... Good, it takes awhile to tie up and while I was doing it my pinkie got a cramp. The way I tie my earbuds the don't tangle anyway. It looks nice and is pretty cool too.


2 years ago

Excellent. Thank you

Excellent ! It took three times as long for me to untangle my ear buds to try this. Now, can you work up an easy way to untangle the other 3,000 sets so I can tie them this way? You are a boon to humanity. No hyperbole here! LOL

Awesome thanks!

"For some reason, some weirdos actually want to use their earbuds." Haaaaaaa!

Thanks for the great instructions. They were precise and to the point. Thanks & come back soon.

Excellent instructions, Well done..

Thank you..

AWESOME great idea how'd you find the idea???!!

So easy and helpful you just won a vote

I concur! I do ALL of my extension cords like this, figure-eighting around my palm and elbow. Plus, since I'm OCD, I do all my friends' cords as well (at least until they stopped inviting me over)

This was so easy to do. You saved my earbud problem now!!! they were always tangled and this answered my prayers. lol. Thanks.


2 years ago

best photo explanation ever
great work. thanks

I have this problem every time i need/want my earbuds! thanks


Great tip! This is so useful!