Tangle-free Knotted Earbuds





Introduction: Tangle-free Knotted Earbuds

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These are easy and cheap earbuds knotted with thin yarn in a spiral pattern. This keeps them from getting tangled or twisted.

Step 1: Materials

Thin cotton yarn (I used Cotton Fair)


Sewing needle (for weaving the ends in)


Step 2:

Using a small ball of yarn, tie the end of the yarn to beginning of the earbuds. From there, begin knotting the yarn around the cord in a twisting patter. If you already know how to make the Twisted Friendship Bracelet, this should be pretty easy. Instead of cutting the yarn and knotting, keep the yarn in a small ball. That way you won't run of yarn halfway through and have to tie on another piece.

Step 3:

When you get to the place where the cord splits into two different ones, skip over the spot and continue knotting on the other side. Or, if you rather, cut the yarn and begin again on the other side.

Step 4: Finishing Off

When you get to the end, cut yarn with about 1-2 inches left. With a sewing needle, thread it through the previous knotted part and trim the rest. Your earbuds are finished! No more twisting or tangling. Enjoy!

Step 5: Earbud Securer

For the elastic part that hold the cords together, cut a 4-5 inch piece of white elastic string. Tie the end in a loop and tie the same yarn right beneath the elastic knot. Begin knotting down the elastic for about an inch. Then thread the end the of elastic through the holes of a matching button. Tie the end of the elastic and yarn together to secure. Fold the earbuds in quarters and wrap the elastic part around to hold them together.



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    Nice. Now I need to make myself a pair.