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So this is a model of the JGpze100 from World of Tanks, I took several screenshots of it in game then in a cad program made a 3d printable version which I printed then glued sheet metal too and finally painted. Overall this is a very fun project however the more time you put into this the better the results.

Step 1: The 3d Model

To even start this project you need a model in some cad program that can then be 3d printed now if you dont want to spend several hours designing one download one from thingiverse


or download mine at either way find one you are comfortable with and go ahead and have it printed


I unfortantly didnt have a printer so I used the one at my school it took about 50 hours and used almost an entire spool of plastic. Note I scaled this by 1.6

Step 2: Start Placing the Metal.

I went and bought alot of tin plates a pair of tin snips and contant cement, what you want to do here is cut a peice of metal to the right size take your time and try to get as close as you can especially for large parts otherwise it will look weird.

Now if you know how to use contact cement just attach the metal to the plastic.

If you dont know how to use contact cement heres a basic explanation. spread a thin layer over the surface you want to attach the metal too, and then to the underside of the metal itself, try to get it as thin as possible. then allow it to dry for a bit until its almost completely dry then just push the metal to the plastic and it will bond together. try it with a spare piece of plastic if you can.

keep going until the majority of the surface is covered.

Step 3: Paint!

This is the best part ever!!! take a can of rustolem flat white spray paint and just apply a thin layer over it all less is better than more. let it dry then add a bit of decals with sharpie and your done! how easy was that?

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