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Introduction: Tape Measure Holder

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Well I have at least 3/4 of a dozen of tape measures around the house in various places. Drawers, cabinet shelves, couple of tool boxes have their own. But I just finished up a table saw sled (was going to do an instructable but someone just posted one), and I was constantly putting my tape measure down and forgetting where I put it. So..... With my back to my bunk bed storage rack I am facing my table saw. I was turning, spinning looking hi and low on all kind of stuff to find the tape measure I just put down and then I spotted the end of the bunk bed and thought, that would be a great place for my tape measure, once I find it again. I did and looking at the clip realized this would fit great on some DIN rail I have. It is a bit of an expense clip, but it should earn it's keep in time wasted looking for a tape measure. Especially in this room.

Step 1: Instructions... If You Really Need Them...

1. Acquire DIN rail Get yourself some DIN rail, I wouldn't buy it just for this, I use it in a number of projects. There are many things that are designed to be mounted on DIN rail. I got mine from ebay many years ago. 2. Find the tape measure(s) you want to clip in a handy spot.

3. Find that handy spot(s). follow the rest for each tape measure you want to clip somewhere.

4. Cut a length of the DIN rail, I cut this one about 3.25 inches, I probably could have cut it a little shorter. I did use a jig saw with a blade designed to cut metal.

5. My handy spot was on some wood (at the end of my storage rack), so I found a wood screw to use

5.a I predrilled a hole in the wood slightly smaller then the drill thread diameter

5.b I positioned the DIN rail (now a bracket) and screwed it to the wood. Normally the DIN rail is mounted horizontally, but in this case I went vertical. Pretty sure the clip won't work with the DIN rail horizontally.

6. If you handy spot is on a metal support, then drill a hole for a metal screw or a bolt and use that to mount your DIN rail bracket.

7. Hang your tape measure on the DIN rail.



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