Tape Nail Polish





Introduction: Tape Nail Polish

About: I love mustaches, the color aqua, hippos, and duct tape!! I love to hang out with friends and I've always wanted to go to paris;)!

Step 1: Materials

Nail polish remover
Any color nail polish

Step 2: Tape Placing

Remove all nail polish before
doing this. Then put a tape piece diagonally on the top of you finger nail. Don't make the pink mark that's just to show you how it's placed, but you gonna do that for every finger nail.
Start with one hand at a time

Step 3: Nail Polish

The just put the nail polish on your nail like you regularly do make sure the tape is pressed down. It can go over because there is tape there, when the nail Polish is dry you can take the tape off.



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    your welcome;) and i hope you get your camera fixed soon;)

    My camera has been broken so I haven't been able to take a picture, but my nails look so cute! Thanks!!!

    Ok thanks;)

    I love this! I'll send a pic when I finish <3

    thank you

    Wow looks AWSOME