Tapestry Crochet

Introduction: Tapestry Crochet

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In tapestry crochet (also called hard crochet, jacquard crochet, and colorwork), yarns are switched back and forth to create motifs. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapestry_crochet)

The crochet work results more solid than normal crochet. If you can crochet, you'll have no problem to learn tapestry crochet.

Step 1: Materials

  • thread (wool, cotton, ect.)
  • crochet (I prefer a littler crochet than the one I use for regular crochet)
  • patterns (there are a lot free patterns online)
  • tapestry needle (to finish off)

Step 2: Start

Choose a pattern. For this 'ible I chose a kitty pattern (and you know I do love cats >^.^<).

Tapestry crochet is generally worked in circle, always on the right side.

Start with a normal chain (or if you prefer a single crochet base). You have to keep in mind the widht of the pattern. For example, the kitty pattern is 10 single crochet (=sc) wide. So the widht of the work have to be a multiple of 10 (you can add as many sc as you want, doing a void column).

Step 3: 2 Colours

Tapestry crochet can be done with as many colours as you like. Obviously, more colours = more difficult.

I suggest you start with two colours.

I like to do the foundation chain with both colours.

Step 4: 1st 2 Lines

Crochet around the chain (when finishe the row, go back on the other side). Make 3 sc in the first and last chain (keep this in mind when choosing the lenght of the foundation chain)..

The important point in doing tapestry crochet is that you have to bring the second colour with you, trapping it between the back of the sc and the front.

Step 5: Changing Colour

The other important thing in tapestry crochet is how to change the colour.

When doing a sc you do these steps:

  1. insert the hook
  2. draw the yarn
  3. yarn over
  4. draw the yarn through 2 loops on hook

When changing colour in tapestry crochet, the 4th step is done drawing the different colour yarn. Simple, isn't it? You "close" the sc with the other colour.

Step 6: Go On

Following the pattern, change colour when needed.

Step 7: Jaquard

As you can see from the photos, tapestry crochet seems like jacquard. The yarn that is not worked is hidden in the sc.

Step 8: New Colour

If you want to use a new colour, just change it like described in step 5. Carry the tails of the old and the new yarns as you do with the other yarn.

Enjoy! And vote for this 'ible, please ;)

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